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Similar to the "export to iPhone" option, I would like to suggest, that you develop an "Export to Network Drive" option.

I'm on the brink to exchange EyeTV with something else, as your solution has not been updated for years and EyeTV is still not available  to Apple TV.  I don't use my Mac mini on a daily basis anymore.

What I would like, is for my EyeTV to export selected recordings to my NAS, where I can play them on my Apple TV. I believe that it would be quite simple to add this option to EyeTV.

In the settings, it would be possible to set the credentials for the network drive (NAS). EyeTV will connect, if the network drive is not connected.

The recording will get exported in an Apple TV friendly format and moved to the NAS. And if the user wants it, the original recording will get deleted, once the export has finished.

The end user, me and other customers, will then be able to watch on our favourite app(s). Since EyeTV for Apple TV is extremely delayed. 

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There are many ways to export already.

1.  Use Handbrake to convert the .eyetv fillet a regular .mkv or. mp4 and have Handbrake write the result to your NAS. Use Infuse for replay.

2.  Set the EyeTV Archive pointing to your NAS. All recordings will end up there and you can replay using Infuse.

3.  Manually (using Finder) extract the .mpg file within the .eyetv file and put that file on your NAS. Play with Infuse.

In all cases: rename the resulting NAS file and Infuse will generate all Metadata.

Use programs like Hazel if you want to automate the above process.


You could also switch to TV-Mosaic or TVHeadend both can run directly on a NAS and write output in the needed format.



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