Peter McCallum

Dual Tuner in EyeTV4 for Mac

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18 hours ago, Peter McCallum said:

I found the way to turn it on. It's a bit obscure but I went to the Sidebar --> Devices --> EyeTV Diversity --> Mode --> Dual Tuner 

Then I discovered a new problem, the EyeTV4 software doesn’t communicate with IceTV’s Australian site for remote scheduling, so I miss out on recording programs scheduled online. That’s important. I may find there’s a program I want to watch but I’m away from home. I used to update the online schedule and within an hour EyeTV 3 would update. Not anymore EyeTV 4 fails to reach the IceTV server. I guess Geniatech thinks recording isn’t a high priority for users.  

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I installed the V4 Software update recently and found the Editor had been reverted to the V3 type Editor. The Version 4 is more accurate and I think it works better so I've re-installed the original V4 (8521) Software, overall slightly clunky but it's worth it for the better Editor. I hope Geniatech develop the V4 Editor on future updates

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