IR-Receiver for EyeTV-Remote and Netstream 4Sat

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I own an EyeTV 300/310-Set which is equipped with an IR-receiver and IR-RemoteControl. Additionally I bought the Netstream 4Sat, all together worked fine with the EyeTV-3 Software and macOS High Sierra. In between the 300/310-Set shows some problems. There are problems to switch the channels (have to wait for a long time until the station has been found) and often the application hangs. This only happens by using the 300/310-Set, not with the Netstream 4S. But when opening the first TV-window it is always the one from the 300/310-set. I deleted the settings and configured all new, but this did not help. So I want to shut off the 300/310-Set but then I cannot use the remote control any more. I do not want to use an iPhone-app, I am used to the EyeTV-Remote-Control. 

My question: Is there any IR-Receiver which can replace the 300/310-Set, so that I can use the remote-control together with the EyeTV-3-Software further on?

Thank you!

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