No Signal - until I restart the Netstream 4 Sat

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I have a EyeTV Netstream 4Sat (Version: 1.1.0-402r1), and three Panasonic TV, all connected via LAN cable. Satelite is connected with 4 cables (quad LNB). From time to time, when I try to watch a particular channel, I get a "no signal" message. This happens even if only one TV is on and the other two are switched off.
Sometimes it helps to choose another channel and then go back to the one I actually want to watch. But sometimes, also this does not help and I have to switch my Netstream 4Sat off and on again. After restarting the Netsteam, it works again.
How can I solve this without restarting my Netstream 4 Sat all the time?

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Okay, I had the same  problem until new installation of my mac. Sometimes the Box worked four days, sometimes only ohne day. Always the led Turns to red.

Now it worked Fine but I have  the Problem That the app on my New iPad cannot find the satellite. Has anyone an idea?

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