Still Running Mojave Because EyeTV4 Is So Bad

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I still run Mojave Because EyeTV 4 is so bad. This app is far and away the worst one I've tried to run on a 64-bit Mac, and, having read through much of this forum, it appears not to have been improved in any meaningful ways over the past few years, so I refuse to buy it. I don't have the spare money to throw it away on buying rubbish like this, with no chance of a refund when it fails to work.

My sincere wish is for a version of EyeTV which actually does what EyeTV 3 did, with virtually no glitches.

Why can't Elgato, who appear to be a 21st Century Software provider, get an app right? Surely there must be a way for them to port EyeTV 3 to 64-bit, or at least to persuade a 64-bit operating system to run a 32-bit app without having to reboot or use a Virtual Machine? I'd buy it, even if it were called EyeTV 5, because we don't have a TV set, and don't have room for one. So our only TV viewing for the past couple of decades has been via USB dongles, running EyeTV.

So here I am with a fairly modern Mac, unable to update it to the several most recent OS iterations, simply because one measly app has never been fixed. I'll not type my actual thoughts in this post, because I don't want to be banned. So [Insert your own expletives here.].

My feature request, therefore, is for someone to produce a fully functional USB alternative to EyeTV 4 for macOS, at a fair price.

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32bit applications can't run on 64bit-OS when/since Apple doesn't support them anymore.
And the porting effort entails much more than just 32bit to 64bit - I'd be surprised if EyeTV 3 isn't a Carbon App and would have to be ported to a whole new API (probably what they did).

And with the advent of streaming services, conventional TV is a declining market anyway.

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