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  1. 32bit applications can't run on 64bit-OS when/since Apple doesn't support them anymore. And the porting effort entails much more than just 32bit to 64bit - I'd be surprised if EyeTV 3 isn't a Carbon App and would have to be ported to a whole new API (probably what they did). And with the advent of streaming services, conventional TV is a declining market anyway.
  2. is now (wasn't last week) the same version as the download: SHA256: ce57a0ab5a4a7bcb2c8e2b48fc6fea711888e5b211cc382270b334de1a2fb2c3
  3. Not anymore - seems that hey silently updated it: SHA256 for my download on October 27: f1fea8b6ba6726ce324a27a06a826a96d4fbf71b1e205d0a8a51aa432df25c6b SHA256 for my download today (same URL ) ce57a0ab5a4a7bcb2c8e2b48fc6fea711888e5b211cc382270b334de1a2fb2c3 This is the same hash as for the download link provided earlier. Even without a link on their website, this gives me way more confidence in the fixed version.
  4. They don't update their website anymore - haven't for more than a year. No information about 8528 (and EyeTV 3.6.9 7530) on their website either.
  5. Does anyone have a link to download the 7530 build as a dmg from the Geniatech website?
  6. Generally wise. Always cautious with external downloads. That said, build 8528 seems indeed hosted on the geniatech website: (Go to the "Download eyetv 4 version 4.0.0 (8527)" link, right-click ,"Copy Link", and replace "8527" with "8528" in the UR, and voila...)
  7. CMD + 5 Works for me. (8526) Honestly, I kind of understand your frustration - but criticising them for something they have fixed, while choosing to stay on an outdated version yourself isn't quite fair either. Don't think there's anything that can compete on modern macOS. For me, it's either EyeTV, maybe Sat>IP Viewer or setting up a TVHeadend server.
  8. For what it's worth, I downloaded EyeTV4.0.0_8527.dmg from here. After mounting the dmg Image and right-clicking to "Get Info" on the contained app, it shows "Version: 4.0.0 (8526)". Same after installation in the EyeTV -> About EyeTV menu. The apps has a slightly different file size than the one in the EyeTV4.0.0_8526.dmg image - but I guess the differences are likely very small.
  9. I have ha EyeTV Netstream 4C that is working perfectly with EyeTV 3.6.9, including full 1920x1080 resolution on supported channels. EyeTV 4 however only displays a maximum resolution resolution of 720p on the very same channels, at noticeably worse quality. It obviously seems to default to the Netstream 4C's hardware transcoding engine (that is intended for lower-powered mobile devices). I can't find a way to get the original transport stream in full quality. Have tried running setup assistant and new channel scan, but to no avail. Also, some - but only some - channels (or rather frequencies) don't seem to work at all, providing no picture. Again, they're perfectly working on 3.6.9 with the same hardware - and also on EyeTV 4 with a USB tuner.