Brian Coleman

Eyetv Netstream 4sat recording problems

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Eyetv Netstream 4sat recording problems


Mac Pro 2013 with Monterey 12.7.1 newest version. EyeTV Sat and alternately Eyetv Netstream 4sat connected to sat1.

In both cases Diseq1.0 with 3 transponders connected. All scanned channels are recognised and appear ok.

Like previous versions howver, build 8531 still often crashes when changing a channel list.

Trying out Eyetv Netstream 4sat led to the same problem as well as a more serious second problem:

Recording is very erratic and often  second blank window appears. 

Sometimes works, sometimes not -- even for 2 conscutive programs on the same channel.

 Eyetv Netstream 4sat is thus unusable for recording.

SOftware needs a vigorous overhaul/



Brian Coleman




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