What can be improved in the Total TV Player?

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Angela Xu said that it is free software. So I understand that the developers can't spend too much time on it. A few things can always be improved that could be collected here? Maybe someday someone with the Know-How will have time for it?

I use the Player, which was formerly called Terratec Home Cinema, for ten years.

Volume Control
On the screen the Volume can be scrolled with the Mouse, only in steps of 10: 10-20-30-40...  A more fine agradation would be nice.

Channel Import and Export is possible via .ech and .chl files. I read that these two formats are technical out of date. Is there a format that all TV Players use?

TV Favorites, Channel List: I would prefer a folder structure in which i can combine severeal channels in one folder. Today there are many more TV channels than before, that makes the list somewhat confusing. With Folders all channels could be captured with one glance.The Channels would be easier to see.

Single Image recording, Screenshot is not possible in the combination: Video-Renderer > Enhanced Video Renderer, MPEG2-Video Decoder > LAV Video Decoder, H.264-Decoder > Elgato Video Decoder. I don´t know why, and I don´t know if there is something you can do about it?

Files in English: Some files contain hyroglyphs or seem to be written in Chinese? Both i cannot read. If the files were written in English, maybe i could learn to understand the content. And do small changes by myself.





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