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  1. After patiently waiting for more than a month for Geniatech to get their act together I finally gave up and requested a refund from PayPal. It was approved in less than 36 hours! At least Geniatech's accounting department is efficient. Looking at the two solutions described in this forum I found that the XMLTVListings approach, while easier, did not have the full channel lineup for my TV service (OTA). Moreover for the channels that were listed there was no sub-channel information. So I went with the Schedules Direct approach. I was able to find the correct listing for the TV service I have with all the sub-channel information. It took an afternoon to implement the automatic updating of the schedule (set at 4 am) in EyeTV using the directions posted on the forum (with minor modifications). I'm using the "json" service at Schedulesdirect.com. All appears to be working fine including the Smart Guides. I am using OS X 10.11.6 on a 2010 Mac Mini and EyeTV 3.6.9 (7416). Many thanks to all who contributed to finding a solution to the "EPG problem."
  2. Many thanks to DC Rakerby for providing the scripts for using Schedules Direct. When setting up a Schedules Direct account what did you check for the "Software you use" part of the Sign up form? And, how does one select the correct schedule for their TV service?