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  1. Yep. Rookie mistake. It did however ask for a lineup again but this time one of the choices was "#2 Antenna". I did not see it initially and chose #6 again which produced a 400mb file. I threw away the .dat an xmltv file again, reran it in terminal and chose 2 and it produced a 30mb file. Reran it again and it apparently remembered my choice of channel lineup in the .dat file and ran it without question. Very nice! Thank you for finding my typo! I now have episode information! !
  2. Hello Millstadt Weber. DC Rackerby suggested trashing the .dat file to get rid of the "missing user' error and that was correct. Thank you to Dc Rackerby too! Not just for fixing that error but starting the whole thread of making the xmltv download work!! The anomaly I have now is when I attempt to use the -J in Terminal it stops in the middle and asks for a lineup. I have pasted the output of the terminal below. personamini2011:scripts mark$ ./mc2xml -J username:password -c us -g zip 92111 Loading ..... : mc2xml (c) <> (v1.6) Reminder .... : Unauthorized redistribution prohibited. Reminder .... : If this software is useful, please donate! Connecting .. : Select lineup: 0: AFN Satellite - Satellite (USA) (Satellite) 1: DIRECTV - Satellite (USA) (Satellite) 2: DISH Network - Satellite (USA) (Satellite) 3: Directv Now (National) (IPTV) 4: GLORYSTAR - Satellite (USA) (Satellite) 5: HDHomeRun Premium TV - East (National) (IPTV) 6: HDHomeRun Premium TV - West (National) (IPTV) 7: HDHomeRun Premium TV E (National) (IPTV) 8: HDHomerun Premium TV P (National) (IPTV) 9: Hulu (National) (IPTV) 10: Philo (National) (IPTV) 11: RELAYTV - Satellite (USA) (Satellite) 12: Sling TV (National) (IPTV) 13: Sony PSVue (National) (IPTV) 14: Vidgo (National) (IPTV) 15: You Tube TV (National) (IPTV) [mc2xml] (0-15): 6 Account status: Expires 2020-02-12T22:41:48Z Account status: 2/4 lineups Preparing ... : 45 stations, 1 thread Downloading . : schedules (1) . Preparing ... : 11959 programs, 4 threads Downloading . : programs (6) ...... Downloaded .. : 3620181 bytes in 12s Parsing ..... : HDHomeRun Premium TV - West (National) Start time .. : 2019-02-12T00:00:00 UTC End time .... : 2019-03-04T00:00:00 UTC Writing ..... : xmltv.xml Writing ..... : mc2xml.dat Completed ... : 29804386 bytes in 48s, 45 channels, 21690 programs scheduled. personamini2011:scripts mark$ As you can see here: [mc2xml] (0-15): 6 I chose the West since I am in PST but it did not produce the desired result. Opening the xmltv file with bbedit shows lots of this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <!DOCTYPE tv SYSTEM "xmltv.dtd"> <tv source-info-name="Schedules Direct" generator-info-name="mc2xml" generator-info-url=""> <channel id=""> <display-name>1010 QVCHD</display-name> <display-name>1010</display-name> <display-name>QVCHD</display-name> <display-name>QVC HD</display-name> <display-name>QVC</display-name> <icon src="" width="360" height="270" /> </channel> So far I am still using the -T but it would be nice to get the -J working. Thank you for taking the time to post back!! Cheers, Mark
  3. hmph. I keep getting missing user in -J Reminder .... : Unauthorized redistribution prohibited. Reminder .... : If this software is useful, please donate! Reading ..... : mc2xml.dat Missing user in -J Any ideas?
  4. You guys ROCK! Thank you Millstadt Weber for the detailed instructions. I had done a fair bit of research about xmltv but could not put it all together as you did. Perfect! And thank you Honza for the instructions for using Automator and setting up the daily run in Calendar. It all works like a charm. I had set up Channels, HD Homerun, TV-Browser and none compared. This is exactly what I needed. Cheers!