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  1. I'm using my cable box to change channels, which means that there is only one channel for the EyeTV software to detect as providing content. In EyeTV3, I was able to import the programming guide for my cable company so I had the complete list of channels and shows. Had to manually switch the cable box to the right channel, but could setup what I wanted to record. I can't seem to find this option in EyeTV4. Has anyone else found it?
  2. No response on my (older) support ticket, but it only took a week for Geniatech to reply to a Facebook message with: "Sorry for any inconvenience, the databases error was / is bigger then expected - is about get fixed this week, sure we will add 4 weeks to all subscriptions for compensation, again sorry for any inconvenience" Wondering how many people are sitting in the garage in China that are actually working on this.