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  1. I guess there are other issues involved. Apart the problem with the VCR, the old software does not have option for Brazil TV and the updated app do have Brazil option but Elgato hardware seems to be analogic and all TV signal now is digital, so, it does not work as a receiver either....sigh. So, I gave up and bought a HDMIxUSB video capture sitck that can be used with QT or OBS, both free soft. All problem resolved...and cost a tenth of a new Elgato hardware....LOL. Anyway, thanks for your help
  2. I have got a Eyetv that my son gave me. It about the same year, 2007, but I can't get it work on my PB G4 2005. It simply doesn't give me the option to tune in Brazil or, even worth, doesn't open any option to tune the VCR so I could copy some old VHS tapes. It does not work as the recording guide says. Any ideas how to work it out? thanks Mauro