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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath. I was able to purchase the 4.0 upgrade which they claim to support (along with my EyeTV HD itself) yet I still got no support or even a response, except for the one above saying they couldn't help. I even put in a request and got a refund for it and they still didn't reach out to me. Since my post I have heard that part of the reason may be a DRM crackdown on devices that allow recordings (even OTA ones) to go to a computer or otherwise allow for a way for them to be re-edited and/or uploaded or sold online. Not sure if that is the case here, although it doesn't look like Geniatech will be supporting or even responding to anyone using EyeTV products soon, especially in North America.
  2. I hear ya. Well since I got on board late with EyeTV (not only after their guide stopped working last year but even without having the channels seeded) there wasn't much for me to lose. Also, rerun season has started and we have the writers strike going so my recording demand has been less for a while. I can certainly understand if you are invested in EyeTV and it still bugs me that they could easily support it if they wanted to but for some reason they won't and keep selling it to new customers full price and then don't support it (which is how I got a refund for EyeTV 4.0, at which point they invalidated my Activation Key earlier today). But EyeTV 3.5.3 and 3.6.9 still work on my other iMac running Snow Leopard and High Sierra respectively. So in the end I'm only out less than $50 for the EyeTV HD and an extra long mini-USB cable I bought for it to reach my computer (and all the time and frustration researching it all and emailing and calling Geniatech), so it could be worse. I never owned a Tivo but we get cable included with our HOA fee so I pay for that anyway. My sister has DirecTV because Cox is not in her area. I'm glad I at least got their latest device for $500 off and absolutely no subscription fees as long as I own the device (or else I would've reverted to renting one of Cox's DVR's as I have been doing for fifteen years now). And even if it fails after the 5-year warranty is completely up, I still would've spent more in DVR rental and service at over $22/mo. in just two more years, so all is not lost. I may come back with an update though if Tivo set up w/cable card, tuning adapter and MoCA adapters gives me more headaches, but I'm not expecting it. Thanks again to everyone here for at least saving me from wasting any more time with the EPG and trying to get to configure the IR blaster from the EyeTV HD I hooked up.
  3. EyeTV 3.5.3 runs on my macOS 10.6 Snow Leopard iMac, while 3.6.9 runs on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and 4.0 runs on macOS 12 Monterey on my other iMacs.
  4. Finally! An Email Response from Geniatech (June 2023) For any who are interested, here is a copy of my message to Geniatech, along with their response and my reply. I doubt I'll be hearing form them again. They have basically abandoned EyeTV support, at least in North America: Hello Mike, Ray (or anyone at Geniatech)... Have tried to reach tech support for weeks with no response. Therefore, can someone in the press or sales dept. PLEASE help me or direct me to the right place? I just found and bought a 2010 model Elgato EyeTV HD box last month which is connected to my cable box via component for HD over analog. I want to use it on one of two iMacs running either MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.13 (High Sierra) or 12 (Monterey). I have it hooked up and running fine (it is connected via component cables to my HD cable box Cisco Explorer 4742HDC), but here are the problems: • On Snow Leopard (using EyeTV 3.5.3) it will not download from TVGuide nor allow me to set up my cable box so that I can import its included program guide into the software. • On High Sierra (using EyeTV 3.6.9) it at least let me set up my TVGuide subscription but it says it expires in one month (vs. the promised one year free) and will still not download from TVGuide nor allow me to set up my cable box so that I can import its included program guide into the software. • On Monterey (EyeTV 4.0) it allows me to select Elgato's EyeTV HD as the tuner but will not accept my license key that came with the unit as the v3 software does, which as shown in the photo below is 67QLW-U5SNYVG-RXP3CT3-J6BVDP4. Your website states those who purchased an EyeTV produce with v3 software after 2019 can obtain a free license key to v4.0. ...what's more, because you can't set up the included IR blaster to control the cable box from the EyeTV box, I can only record scheduled shows if I leave my cable box on all the time AND switch channels to the right one before every new recording, which obviously is impractical and defeats the purpose. I have sent out forms and emails to Geniatech but still no response two weeks later. I even called China but recordings are in Chinese, and the one in English still takes you to another Chinese-only recording. I did get a live agent but she didn't understand English and hung up. I called Elgato out of desperation but of course they don’t support the product anymore but one man was kind enough to give me your contact info. Please help ASAP. Thank you! SWLinPHX Phoenix, AZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello SWL, unfortunately you ended up here in EU support, we didn't have this product in our range here, unfortunately I can't help you any further, I will send your request to US support again. But you must know that such old devices have long since been retired, the new Apple operating systems and the new eyetv software can no longer work with them. We do not have any data from Elgato to further support this product. Freundliche Grüße / Best regards GTESales Team <image001.jpg> Geniatech Europe GmbH (EMEA HQ) Kaiserstrasse 100 (TPH 1) D-52134 Herzogenrath Phone: +49-2407- 55290-80 - Fax: +49-2407- 55290-89 HRB Düren: 7197 - Steuernummer: 202/5771/2257 Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE304695446 WEEE-Registrierungsnummer: DE 22625189 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for the response, but Geniatech’s website still lists EyeTV HD as a supported product to choose from the popup menu and that if a customer has purchased an EyeTV product that came with v3 after 2019 then they are eligible for a free update to v4.0. However nowhere in the extensive Geniatech help files and technical support files does it mention that you have abandoned all EyeTV product support (it says the opposite actually) and especially that the program guide ceases to work with any version of EyeTV, even the newer 4.0. Apparently Geniatech lost their agreement or did not renew their contract with the guide service and did not inform customers but have been incommunicado according to every user I’ve spoken to on the forums since August 2022. No explanation, not responses — nothing. There are numerous threads of customers being completely ignored by your company since last year. What’s more, even though thru much research and assistance dI found a workaround using an .xmltv file to import channel programs tailored for my area, now even the zip code search doesn’t work to import a channel lineup so now even importing that.xmltv file as a workaround no longer works (I don’t know if we can import channel lineups manually but there is no one to help or answer the questions even after paying for the update). And all of this without any notice from Geniatech anywhere on their website. Funnily enough though, they took my money no problem a few days ago when I paid to update to v4.0 (only to learn that it works no better than any of the v3 software because, although compatible with current macOS, the undisclosed program guide feature discontinuation makes the interface non-configurable — and that also prevents the IR blaster from working because you can’t set that up and test it in the software until you have the guide and channel lineup working!). Again, after extensive research I learned that all of this has been true since last year, yet no press release or even mention on your website that Geniatech has abandoned EyeTV, and they continue to mislead customers and even sell v4.0 which only works for manual, attended recordings -- which amounts to a loss of about 80% functionality. Doesn’t your press department there in Germany care, at least to address this or to announce it and not ignore all customer pleas? Why have you not announced all this in almost a year now so customers like me and the many on the forums don’t keep wasting their money and time? Surely you can see that this is highly unethical and dishonest. SWLinPHX Phoenix, AZ
  5. Thanks again Rick for being so thorough, helpful and responsive to a fellow Phoenician! This has been quite disappointing to think I discovered the perfect solution (which I had, when it worked at least) and then to run into all these unexpected issues. I would be more than happy to message you my email address and you can send me what you have. To answer your question, no, I have no success with the program guide (even when it recognized I have an active account) nor any channels populating, nor the IR blaster set up. It's such a shame that this tiny software loophole (or unaddressed failure) renders the entire system to be about 80% useless as a DVR at least, other than for manual recordings. Having said that, I did yet more and more research yesterday and after reading many articles on best non-subscription DVR alternatives that work with and/or without cable I came to a decision. Since I get expanded digital cable with three receiver boxes (not DVR box or service) and Showtime + HBO channels included in my monthly HOA fee, it behooves me to find one that works with a cable box or card. Many YouTube videos and other reviews pointed to the newest Tivo Edge (one w/cable and one for OTA) as one of the best alternatives, although pricey. However the newer Edge surpasses and is slowly phasing out the previously praised Tivo Bolt Vox, which replaced the Tivo Roamio line, which replaced the Tivo Premiere line, etc. The standard price for the Edge w/6 tuners and a 2TB drive (although can be ordered with larger internal drive or attached to an external drive) is $$399.99 and unlimited lifetime subscription of box is $549.99 for a total of almost $950, definitely pricey (and no point ruling out a $22/month cable DVR service and rental just to have another monthly or annual subscription). However, for the next two weeks or so they are running a special on Tivo.com for $500 off all of that, so you get the latest Tivo that works with cable card and has many neat features (like one-press instant commercial skip), lifetime subscription paid and 5-yr. Tivo Continual Care Program (warranty) for $450 + tax. If that seems like a lot just think that in Cox DVR rental fees alone that pays for itself in less than two years (and I've been renting a DVR for about 17 years!). Also, I only paid like $39 for the EyeTV HD system from eBay and I got my $29 refunded from PayPal for the v4 EyeTV download, so I'm not really out that much money. I finally got a personal response yesterday from the Geniatech press department in Munich (Europe division) which I responded to and let the know how I felt about their abandonment of customers and EyeTV in general without any notice on their website, while still taking our money and selling EyeTV 4 software that doesn't work, not for newcomers anyway. I may create a separate discussion here in the forum posting my email and response.
  6. I am using the HD box (not Hybrid). Did you mean the opposite? So even if I get channels imported (manually or thru a borrowed file from another user) and then import the .xmltv file, it still won't let me set up the IR blaster and test it because I wasn't able to select a box thru EyeTV, or is there a place to set up the blaster once I get any guide working? So I have to find someone who has the exact same Cox service in Phoenix set up with any version of EyeTV? Is it possible to edit the file enough thru a text editor to tweak the lineup to suit me if I have one to work off of? Can you tell me where this file is located on the Mac (in my home preferences or...?) and maybe send me a copy so I can see what it looks like. I really care more about setting up the IR blaster if I have to choose one or the other because then at least I can have it working unattended and only have to make changes when scheduling of certain programs change (using the guide on my Cox box), but of course I would like the guide to work in EyeTV too for full functionality. I did at least get a refund on my EyeTV 4 software update purchase from a few days ago via PayPal since I was able to prove Geniatech has been completely incommunicado and falsely claims they support my software and Elgato unit on their website where I purchased it.
  7. Actually if, like me, you purchased an EyeTV unit and software since the issue started last summer then you may be out of luck even with paid access to the xmltvlistings website. That is because although I followed all the specific directions as shown in this very helpful discussion thread here on the forum (which you may wish to check out), I don't have the channel lineup populated as a newer user (won't show anything no matter what zip code I enter). Therefore I first need to have someone send me a file for the channel lineup in my area and/or import the channels I need manually (if anyone knows how to do that). Simply dragging the custom .xmltv file onto the EyeTV icon does nothing without the channel lineup set first. And furthermore, without doing that I can't even get the included IR blaster to work with my cable box (I have EyeTV HD), which means I can only use the service if: A) I manually schedule every recording using a third party guide outside the platform and B) I am always there to change the channel and turn on my cable box before each scheduled recording. Perhaps if I pay for the xmltv service they can help me import my channel lineup manually since EyeTV's zip code feature is indefinitely broken, along with the included program guide.
  8. LOL, that is interesting. His name is Christopher Knight though. Mike Lookinland played Bobby.
  9. Wow, thank you so much for this!!! I thought I was going crazy. So no one mentioned this part, where even the instructions for the .xmltv file above won't work for me in this case. Man, this is beyond frustrating! I have access to several Mac computers and two iMacs alone running old and new macOS side-by-side, so that's not a problem. So what I have to do is find someone with a Phoenix Cox digital cable channel list? I mean, if I could get the IR blaster to work at least then I could manually program in my favorite recurring programs. But I can't get to that step. Both an interactive program guide and the IR blaster are necessary for a true "DVR experience" but at least one of them would help me a lot. Are you using the 2010 EyeTV HD box (specifically made to connect to a cable or satellite box/receiver) too? Does anyone know where or how I can find and "seed" my channel list -- or add the channels manually at least? How does this "seeding" process work? Do you have to first "set up" your cable box/satellite receiver and does it not recognize certain ones, even if the broadcast signal is coming thru perfectly? I don't know if that's yet another issue. I would be beyond grateful if I could actually start using it as intended. It saves me $23/mo. in cable fees for the moderate amount of shows I record.
  10. Thanks. I was just asking if TitanTV was for the U.S. because in EyeTV 3 I'm almost sure I read that TitanTV was for Canada or another country and only TV Guide was for U.S.. I can try it of course. Does anyone who posted the link or used the steps mentioned in this discussion know what I'm doing wrong in the step above in the .xmltv instructions in order to prepare for the file import and how I prepare EyeTV to receive it? It doesn't say and dragging it to the icon does nothing (no channels show anywhere). Also, I'm using EyeTV HD connected to my digital cable box with component (analog HD) cables. Can anyone tell me how to set up the IR blaster that came with EyeTV HD? From instructions it looks like you have to set up the cable box first but I don't think importing a program guide will help with that. There doesn't seem to be a step to set up the IR blaster until the cable box is set up, and it won't let me set it up. If anyone here can help let me know. I've searched the Internet high and low and weeks later I'm no better off, although I did get it to work (all manually only) with three versions of EyeTV software and three versions of the macOS.
  11. I'm not sure I understand that sentence. Are you saying the instructions for downloading an xmltv file in the provided link no longer work or is there a step I or they left out? Isn't Titan TV just for other countries, but not the U.S.? Does it work for U.S. listings?
  12. ...is something missing in the step to How do we "prepare" EyeTV to import the file?
  13. Nothing really happened when I dragged the downloaded EPG XML file on the EyeTV icon (in Dock or Finder). I tried it both with EyeTV running and not running, but I have nothing showing in my Channels or Program Guide tabs. Am I supposed to click the little cog wheel and choose an option? Can someone help me past this step?
  14. First, thanks so much for the response! I have been desperately searching for help for three weeks now. How can Geniatech get by with this and still claim to be operating and supporting their hardware?? Why is there no press release or tech support notes indicating that the program guide doesn't work any longer and will not be supported. I just now paid for v4.0 thinking that would help but still no guide, so looks like I'm throwing good money after bad. 😡 QUESTIONS: 1) Is there any workaround or third party program guide that can work with EyeTV software? 2) Can't EyeTV HD access the attached cable box's program guide without a third party guide subscription since it has a hardwired connection to the box via component video and I already have a paid subscription with my cable company? 3) If no to the above two questions, then is there a way to get the IR blaster that came with the device to work so I can manually schedule recordings even if the program guide doesn't show up in EyeTV? For instance, if I know a program is on a certain channel at a certain time using my own guide I can schedule them all manually (not using any EyeTV program guide) and then the IR blaster will turn and and off the box and switch channels for each scheduled recording. 4) If so to #3 above, how the heck do I set up the IR blaster to work? I have successfully recorded scheduled programs which will work only if I leave the box on and manually switch it to the proper channel before each recording, but I cannot due that when I'm not around or available. 5) And finally, if no one is using EyeTV devices or software anymore (regardless of hardware or EyeTV version or macOS version) what are you all using? Are you simply renting a DVR from your cable company and paying the monthly box rental and DVR service fee? Mine went bad last month and I turned it in for a regular HD receiver hoping I could use this as a solution for no monthly fee. And in theory I absolutely should be able to and it is the solution I needed. I don't know anything better or similar that definitely works on Mac.