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  1. Release Candidate eyetv 4.0.0 (8532) with OS 11 Big Sur? Release Candidate eyetv 4.0.0 (8532) Today I saw pop up an offer to upgrade EyeTV 4 to 8532. It says it is compatible w/ OS 14; but it says nothing about compatibility with OS 11. Will this work with Big Sur OS 11.7.6, which I have?
  2. PLEASE EXPLAIN EyeTV 4 for each 64 bit MAC OS Now that I have been forced to "upgrade" MAC OS to 64 bit OS, I find that EyeTV3 does not work any more. That indicates that I have to upgrade EyeTV to EyeTV 4. Yet the last posting I have found by the new company selling EyeTV4 is that it had problems with Catalina. I found nothing about even newer OS like Big Sur or Ventura. This computer I am using right now has Big Sur in it. Please post up to date information. I found posted that in 2020 some fix would be issued for EyeTV 4, yet all I see is like EyeTV 4.0. So apparently the "promise" was not fulfilled. I am in the USA. Please give details for how EyeTV 4 will work with each of the 64 bit MacOS. Has the Genius abandoned its step-children? Exactly what can I expect if I buy EyeTV 4? What won't work that worked with 3? Please help your customers.