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  1. Thank you, John10044. I had never been able to sign up for this Forum (using gmail). I just tried an alternate email and it worked! That's strange. I would second Eric's comment that "It is not necessary to use EyeTV's built in EPG". We have been using SchedulesDirect with EyeTV for many years. We have a nightly script that uses a little program called "mc2xml" to download the XML file from SchedulesDirect. It works great. I was trying to stick with EyeTV on OSX and we do still use it but I finally tried Channels DVR when they added a capability for using TVEverywhere as a Source. So far I like it a lot. (there's no OSX viewing app yet but the new app called IINA is a fantastic OSX media viewer and it's very configurable) But I'll keep looking for that 64-bit version of EyeTV and hopefully it will support HDHomeRun devices.