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  1. I prefer the 1st of May but any date will work. Will need to figure out what time this will be in the central US time zone. Thank you
  2. I think it is very clear that the function we expected of the EyeTV app for ATV is to have at least the same abilities as the EyeTV iPad app. Please know our disappointment is not at the add feature the the Netstream app brings for Netstream owners. If I owned the Netstream device I would be happy for any additional access. As far as the issue of my Mac running. Unless the power is out the little Mac Mini is running 24/7 and it will keep running until it dies. All my media is handled by the Mac Mini with a external mulidrive storage. EyeTV allows me to record and watch whenever I choose so long as my Mac Mini is running. The iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad work very well and AirPlay or Mirroring is okay but direct access between ATV and your Mac would be best. The issue of porting the EyeTV iPad to the ATV is subjective but several of us have volunteered to put in the work. I appreciate if Geniatech will commit to at least porting the iPad EyeTV to ATV. Also as several of us are so involved in this discussion please let us beta test. Beta testing goes so far with goodwill towards your most active customers. I will even commit to add a Netstream device to my home network as long as it will work with over the air antenna here in the US. And the last issue to address is local verse cloud storage of recordings. Please do not move to cloud based storage or if you do let that just be an option. Local storage of recordings allows cutting commercials, archiving and streaming over the home network or web. I stand by my earlier statement, EyeTV is still the best DVR program for Mac. If I am invited to a live meeting to talk about features I will make myself available. Seeing as you guys are in the Netherlands this meeting just be during my bedtime but I can just put on a extra strong pot of coffee. Thank you
  3. App is now in the US. Of course it is worthless. Not able to connect to EyeTV to access recordings. I can understand not supporting HDHomerun tuners, Netstream is your own brand. But not even having access to EyeTV and play recordings. There are half a dozen apps on the AppleTV that can allow you to play live TV with time shift and some free guide data. You have the EyeTV program at your disposal, at least make an app that can serve as a front end. Please tell me that I am wrong! This Netstream app is really what you have been working on since summer of 2016? At this rate a real EyeTV app will never make it to AppleTV before it is out dated.
  4. Just checked and the app is not available in the US as of this post. I have tried DVBlink and found the interface failed the ease of use test with my wife. Please just bring the iPad app to the AppleTV. That would at least bring a decent user interface to an EyeTV app on the AppleTV. If you can't or won't then please give me the app file and I will port it and side load the app on my own AppleTV. Thank you
  5. I have started using Remote Buddy on ATV. This is not a replacement for an EyeTV tvOS app but offers EyeTV access. You have to have Remote Buddy running on your Mac but video playback works well and audio can come over airplay for sound. The best part is that zero conversion has to happen as happen as the EyeTV program is actually playing the recording. Think of Remote Buddy just extending your monitor of your Mac to the ATV. I will try to post a video and uploaded a link via YouTube. Still hoping for EyeTV 4.0 and a tvOS app real soon.
  6. So today is March 20th. Is the EyeTV TVOS gone live? At least port the iPad app to TVOS we know that app works and would be so much better then what we have, nothing! Thank you
  7. So I have been debating making a switch to another DVR program for a while now. I think I will keep EyeTV for recording shows that I want to archive but will be making the jump to HDHomerun DVR. There is a good app for AppleTV called InstaTV that connects to the HDHomerun DVR program and it has live TV with time shift This will allow me to move my Mac Mini out of my media cabinet and all of the related equipment like external hard drive switch etc. Sorry that EyeTV has pushed me to this but I guess things don't necessarily have to always change for the better just because a new company buys EyeTV.
  8. Thomaskud, We are waiting for the AppleTV 4 App, tomorrow is the last day of February and unfortunately this is not a leap year. I understand that you guys might be focusing on the Netstream device but don't forget all the other loyal EyeTV customers. We own Macs for a reason. If we wanted crap programs we would have bought a PC. EyeTV is still one of the best DVR programs available, please do not disappoint your customers. I will be checking the AppleTV 4 App Store for my EyeTV app come tomorrow evening! Thank you
  9. Livezapp will only play recording that have been made "iPhone" compatible. It's live tv function is choppy and the user interface is not very pleasing. The EyeTV app for iPhone and iPad will only play recordings that have the box checked for "iPhone" next to them. This is a transcoding function and takes a while after the recording has finished. Genitech, any chance you would be willing to share the iPad App code? If the code was available the iPad app could be easily made compatible with AppleTV. If this is possible please send me a personal message. On a side note, I have downloaded DVBlink for the 20 trial version. The user interface is not near as nice as EyeTV running on my Mac. But the kicker is that I could remove my Mac Mini from my entertainment center if I use DVBlink. I say this because I am at least hoping that EyeTV's AppleTV app has as much functionality as the DVBlink app but with EyeTV polish on the user interface. Only 10 more days left in February, sure hope the post earlier that said the EyeTV app will be released by the end of February was a true statement. Thank you
  10. Thank you Joda99, I have the iPad app and use it often. What I would like to see is this type of app running on the AppleTV. The guide data and ease of recording is great with the iPad app. The only issue that would need to be addressed for the iPad app to work on the AppleTV is playing recordings. Right now recording have to be converted before they will play / stream to your iPad. Since you are able to watch live then EyeTV should be able to either convert on the fly or utilize hardware transcoding offered by other products. Still would like to see some screen shots of the EyeTV app for AppleTV that is not for the "Netstream". Thank you
  11. Do we have any screen shots of an EyeTV app that is not Netstream? If the iPad app could just be ported to the AppleTV that would be a great start. Then work on getting EyeTV 4 up and running that can serve as a backend. Thank you
  12. This is awesome! Thank you. Sure hope this will work with EyeTV and tuners that are not on Netstream as well.
  13. Hi Thomaskud, Please respond with some update. On a side note, Channels, an Apple TV app now has DVR available. It is in beta but has a great interface. Also HDhomerun DVR can be used with Insta Pro on Apple TV. I still think that Eyetv has the potential to be a better DVR program if Geniatech can get a move on it and push out the Apple TV app.