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  1. I use netstream4sat. It works fine with EyeTv3 on my other Macs. Now switching to a fresh Catalina (no upgrade) and EyeTV4 (4.0.0. - v8520). EyeTV seems to work well. Recordings were made. Usually I exported my recording to iTunes (via h.264 conversion by Handbrake). Export doesn't work (seems stuck, no final file) but opening the package in finder does reveal the transport stream file (.ts). Unfortunately the .ts seems to be downsampled from the high res recording to standard definition - which seems odd (hi -res logo but lo-res recording, VLC and handbrake tell it's a lo-res video). It seems eyetv4sat is downsampling on any reason. Same recording with EyeTV 3 gets a hi-res stream. Any suggestions on how to force the netstream4sat and EyeTV4 to hi-res streams? Thanks Chris
  2. What about pricing of Mac EyeTV4 (64 bit Catalina) upgrade for the EyeTV3 users? Thx Chris