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  1. Dear JanG, lgl and all, - 29min crash problem: if we start - or restart the EyeConnect.APP the system scheduler is reset and the “29 Minute” crash is gone - seems to us, as it now works on 2 customers system without error. - eyetv 3 32bit & macOS HighSierra 10.13.4 see our FAQ: There is also a new topic in our forum: cheers
  2. Recently, when starting 32-bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac. This message also affects eyetv if the operating system version macOS HighSierra 10.13.4 is installed on the computer. Irrespective of this information window, eyetv is in no way impaired in its operability and the usual quality. There are no negative effects on the computer and its data, eyetv runs without problems. As future versions of macOS are expected to limit the execution of 32-bit applications as the next step, we would like to inform our customers about the ongoing development of a 64-bit version of eyetv. With this 32 to 64 bit version step, eyetv as a smart TV platform will continue to meet eyetv's expectations, which are also consistently fulfilled under iOS, Android and Windows.
  3. Apologize for your experience, i'm not in office today... I'll follow this case next week with our developers who used teamviewer to debug. Best regards from Aachen, Thomas
  4. Dear all, we're still testing this issue. In past few days, we finished several tests on Macbook, iMac... But we can't ( ) reproduce this problem, see attached screenshot. Maybe someone here could help us by using Teamviewer? We apologize for your inconveniences.
  5. Hi srw, EyeTV 3 works fine with macOS Sierra, who told that Sierra does not support EyeTV anymore? For the new codec H.265, we need to upgrade/update our software and hardware. You can receive DVB-T2 HEVC (H.265) with EyeTV 3.6.9(7514) or above (software) and EyeTV T2 Lite/T2 Hybrid (hardware). Best regards
  6. Das Problem könnte an der IP Adresse liegen. Kannst du Dein Netstream 4Sat auch mit IP Adresse zugreifen? Falls nicht, überprüf bitte ob das DHCP des Routers richtig funktioniert.
  7. Hi Handree, was für ein Router nutzt Du? Wir haben im Office auch paar Netstream 4Sat/4C fast 7x24h in Betrieb (auch aufnehmen). Für die Situation werden wir schnell testen und ggf. per Teamviewer debuggen, falls es möglich wäre.
  8. Hi JuHa, es wäre ein Problem zwischen EyeTV 3 und die neuste macOS Version 10.13.3. Wir werden es schnell wie möglich testen, um das Problem zu reproduzieren (und auch lösen!).
  9. May you provide which firmware version and software version are you using? In the case of lgl, it seems like a hardware issue and we already sent a new netstream 4Sat to him/her.
  10. sorry i just find your receipt in my PM. Another suggestion: uninstall EyeTV 3 via EyeTV Reporter completely and re-install it. Then check with EyeTV Reporter if eyeconnect service has been installed. Anderer Vorschlag: Deine EyeTV 3 Software via EyeTV Reporter vollständig deinstallieren und neu installieren. Danach kannst Du überprüfen, ob eyeconnect richtig installiert wird. Du kannst hier auch auf Deutsch schreiben
  11. Sure, i'm glad to help you In this case, it might be an issue of the WLAN (wireless Ethernet connection between your mac/router/netstream 4Sat). I have few suggestions for you here: 1. use network diagnosis of our eyetv reporter tool to check if your network configuration is fine; 2. check if eyetv 3 and eyeconnect (a part of eyetv 3 software) are allowed under firewall settings. 2*. Another way to check if eyeconnect is allowed: find eyeconnect under Mac - Application - right click and choose show package content - resources - eyeconnect. Now double-click eyeconnect, if it asks "would you allow eyeconnect", please choose "yes", if nothing happens, everything is fine. 3. use cable connection between your mac and router 4. check security settings of your router (mostly using or to access your router) We also have several old netstream 4Sat in our office and they are running almost 7x24h. So a bug of software could be excluded. May you give me your receipt via PM? Our team will discuss about your issue soon and try our best to do what we can. Apologize for your inconvenience again...