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  1. Open letter to Geniatech

    Hi Ton, 1) aTV app: We published a netstream app for tvOS that supports all eyetv netstream devices. We know this app is not an "eyetv app/eyetv 3 app" on tvOS, please give us some time, we also have a lot of tasks to do (h.265, macOS high Sierra etc.). 2) problems with High Sierra: good news for you, we just updated eyetv 3 software. The latest version is 3.6.9(7522) and it runs more stable with macOS high Sierra. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your understanding. Thomas
  2. sir

    Hi Smedev, Unfortunately, Eyetv products don't support PayTV (CI slot) anymore.
  3. Hi Janne, May you give us your support tickect number via PM? In this case, your hardware might be faulty.
  4. EyeTV DTT > Discontinued

    We're still working on the decoder/encoder of HEVC It will be coming soon.
  5. are there leds on eyeTV 2 for DTT

    No, EyeTV DTT doesn't have any LEDs on the stick. You could open the "system report - hardware - USB" to check if your hardware is connected/recognized.
  6. Check the cpu load of your mac while running EyeTV 3. Probably, your hardware (HDHomeRun) is fauty...
  7. DVB-T2 HD in Germany uses H.265 which probably is not supported by your toast. You can use any "trans-coder" to export all H.265 files/recordings to H.264, for example "Handbrake":
  8. HD ist asynchron

    Danke für das Feedback. Wir testen gerade eine neuere Version von EyeTV 3 und werden die Software für DVB-T2 HEVC weiter optimieren.
  9. Gracenote EPG (Deutschland) "Spielfilm" vv. "Movie" ?

    Hi Arnd_Gehrmann, Natürlich dürfen Sie hier auch auf Deutsch schreiben. Hast Du schon mit unserem Support Team kontaktiert? Beim Fehler des Inhalts von Gracenote empfehlen wir, erstmal die Datenbank neu zu laden. Der Inhalt wird von Gracenote gepflegt. Melden Sie sich hier an: Gruß
  10. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    we did some tests with your recording: 1. dragged into EyeTV 3 - window - EyeTV Program - recording, clicked to play with EyeTV 3 software 3.6.9(7518) ---- video/audio good. 2. right clicked .eyetv file - show package contents - played the MPEG-4 file with Mac Media Player ---- video/audio good. 3. exported the recording in EyeTV 3 software (7518), tried "1080P"/"720P"/"iPad", then play with Mac Media Player ---- video/audio still fine. 4. dragged the MPEG-4 file in package contents direct into iTunes and play ---- video/audio good. Which version of macOS/Media Player are you using? I thought it's a software issue (decode incorrectly), but not on our side... * iTunes version / macOS El Capitan
  11. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    May you send a sample of your recordings to us? 3 We'll check it soon.
  12. eyetv t2 windows

    Did you contact our support team? Software for Windows
  13. eyetv t2 windows

    1. delete the driver in device manager by using right click. 2. re-install Total TV software 3. download the driver for T2/T2 Lite again. 4. in this case, do not use the setup wizard. Open device manager on your windows pc, find EyeTV T2/T2 Lite ("EyeTV stick" with a yellow exclamation mark). 5. right click, update driver, select the folder (x64 for 64 bit system or x86 for 32 bit system). 6. click continue until the driver has been successfully installed. Stuck in which step?
  14. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    Encode from H.265 (DVB-T2 HD) to H.264? The editor function for H.265 (DVB-T2 HD in Germany) still needs to be fixed. Our developer team is working on it, no worries
  15. eyetv t2 windows

    Did you check the device manager? Driver for EyeTV T2/T2 Lite on windows system: