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  1. Fell back to 3.6.9 (7516), fresh install. Requested it from Geniatech, and they generously supplied me with a download link. Deleted /Applications/ and /Library/EyeTV stuff before reinstalling. Then scheduled recordings during the daytime & locked the screen. Two of them recorded too way too long and one recorded for one second. I have two HDHomerun Duos so tuner resources were not the problem on the one-second recording. OS is High Sierra. Tried again after turning off night shift with 2 scheduled recordings. One was okay, and another stopped when I unlocked the screen and was 1.5 hours past where it should have stopped.
  2. I'm seeing similar behaviors as well. I noticed that the recordings that were over-running stop when I unlock the screen and interface with EyeTV Console. I did not notice if it is when I unlock the screen or if it is when I start use of the EyeTV Console. I don't see the problem when I run a recording when the screen console is in use. I turned off MacOS power savings completely, but the behavior persisted. I cannot upgrade to the next version because 3.6.9 (7522) stopped supporting the SiliconDust network tuners I have. Currently at EyeTV version 3.6.9 (7520).
  3. Steveo

    eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Saw the same behavior from the update as well as with support. I suspect they are. Geniatech bought Elgato early last year. Elgato used to license and sell HDHomeRuns so perhaps the relationship ended with the buyout. The Setup Assistant used to show HDHomeRun as an Elgato system. Also, there are other devices that are no longer listed with this new release. This release is the first (I believe) where the file name of the upgrade starts with Geniatech, vs Elgato. I can't say if they are dropping it, but it seems like it.
  4. Steveo

    3.6.9 7521 breaks compatibility with HDHomeRun

    I was incorrect in implying that Geniatech did not cater to the ATSC broadcast market. There is a site, which sells exactly one ATSC (N America) tuner.
  5. Steveo

    3.6.9 7521 breaks compatibility with HDHomeRun

    Right, Ton - I now remember the elgato HDHomerun were associated. I don't see Geniatech advertisng them anymore - that is I don't HDHomeruns on their webpage. What I do see for sale are DBV device; DBV isn't broadcast where my antenna is. Geniatech's site is in .eu domain, and they seem to be focused on the German market, and European DBV TV broadcast format. That said, I see EyeTV3 becoming an end-of-life risk. I could easily move on to something else, but I have yet to find an inexpensive video editor which will read comskip EDL files.
  6. Steveo

    3.6.9 7521 breaks compatibility with HDHomeRun

    Noted the same behavior. Previous versions had Setup Assistant showing HDHomeRun tuners listed as a Geniatch device, although HDHomeRun belongs to SiliconDust, which I always thought was odd (perhaps it used to own hdhomerun?). Agree with Ton, this may be a strategic shift to the betterment of their bottom line. I didn't appreciate their update summary only saying only along the lines of "optimizes stability and functionality..." They could have warned us. I found the earlier 7520 version at, and it tested okay. I attached the dmg downloaded from there to this post. If for nothing else, to get their attention. EyeTV3.6.9(7520)20170730.dmg