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  1. I had to move from eyetv3 because of the lack of 64 bit support I did try the early betas - but really just wanted a functional DVR. So my EyeTV 4sat got mothballed and I setup HDHomerun with Plex (works well). I am now wondering whether try and set the 4Sat up (alongside my current system) or bin it / sell it? Currently both in the forums and blogs a number of constraints are recognised (and worklarounds proposed). Exporting - the blog suggests Handbreak (sic) will export succesfully. I'm pretty certain they mean HandBrake (which is why the link fails)... Has anybody used Handbrake to export with EyeTV4? EPG - various issues with Gracenote have been mentioned (tbh I always found it frequently failed. Quite unreasonable considering the high annual charge). The notes suggest an XMLTV file could be imported. Has anyone succeeded using an externally supplied XMLTV file with EyeTV4? Having to re-purchase the software I've paid for without an upgrade being offered is annoying. But I will pay. But either I would need an extended trial / or a money back guarantee / or some reassurances from genuine users...