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  1. Looks like we've got a pretty good Class Action Lawsuit building. The money lost on the paid TV Guide subscriptions is nothing compared to the pain and suffering we're enduring from our significant others who we have setup with EyeTV. I really hope this is "a technical issue and they are fixing it" as indicated in a couple replies from the Support Team. Most of us have not received a reply from our support tickets. Since the issue probably affects all North American users, you would think Geniatech would have issued some type of formal response by now. So Sad
  2. When I started following this discussion, my expectation (like many others here) was the EyeTV iOS app would be ported to tvOS. It's good to see you are still discussing this as an option. If possible, the ATV4 app should have the same features as the EyeTV app with the following additions: Must have: The tvOS app would need to play EyeTV recordings without preparing/converting to H.264, as is required with the iOS app. Nice to have: Adjustable playback speed (.5x,1x,1.5x, etc) FastForward/Rewind setting (10sec,30sec,60sec, etc) There are several apps already available with these capabilities (Elmedia Player, Infuse, VLC, etc). However, none of them handle EyeTV recordings very well. I think a port of the existing EyeTV app would be a great solution.