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  1. To those who have an hdhomerun can I suggest moving to channels (available on Apple TV, web, chrome cast, firetv etc) it works great with the homerun and depending on how fast the machine/nas is that you have the software installed on, it works well out of the house. As a long time eyetv user it’s sad to see its demise.
  2. yes that's the one. really cannot fault it. on ios and ATV4. streaming in hd on the LAN is almost instant. No waiting whilst eyetv converts files. If you have HD Homerun then it really is a no brainer. If you have a NAS that does hardware/ software transcoding then perfect, if not, a comp that does it
  3. I'd like to chip in as a former loval Eyetv user. Having experienced a continual lack of tech support and promise of HD version of Diversity stick, i have abandoned them. If you use HDHomerun can I recommend Channels TV? It works beautifully with the hdhomerun. (I use it with an ATV4) yes the subscription is a bit pricey but the software and support is just excellent.
  4. ah yes I guess that makes sense. I obviously haven't had the experience of exporting with the newer codec. I must say that when I used the HDHomerun with eyetv 3 (latest build) even the live tv seemed a tad jerky to me. when I checked on CPU use, eyetv was hogging the entire CPU. shame that one has to go through Handbrake as it will make the conversion much more time consuming won't it. As I said, I'm waiting for the HD diversity which geniatech assure me is coming. But one can't help feeling that things are being done at such a snail's pace that OTA will have disappeared altogether by the time anything happens. My ideal solution would be HDhomerun with channels app on ATV. but no one yet seems to have DVR software that is anywhere as good as EYETV. Though I'm more than happy to be proved wrong.
  5. Wasn't quite clear, have you tried to export without any conversion? I don't yet have DVBT2 version as I'm waiting for new diversity (have had the HDhomerun and encountered the same problems as you) On my standard diversity i have now taken to just exporting the MPEG2 stream into Plex on my NAS, then viewed with Apple TV 4. In the "show all formats" option. The other option is to open the package in the EyeTV archive and drag the file out from there?