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  1. Still have not heard from Geniatech at all on this. Does it matter that my activation key card says "EyeTV 250 PLUS" above the key instead of "EyeTV3" As in does this key only work for legitimizing my hardware and not the software? I'm just completely stuck at this point and grasping at straws
  2. Thanks Ton. I appreciate your help. I don't remember if I have any zeros or Os but I didn't think about that so I'll check. Here's the link of the review I looked at with the photos of what was in the 250 plus box and I have the exact same materials and sleeve for the installation disc. But when I look at Elgato's website for when they released the 250 plus they said it came with V2, not V3. Again, thanks for your help and I'll see where Geniatech can get me
  3. Definitely an EyeTV 3 software disc and it came with my 250 plus. Matches what i've seen from reviews of the 250 plus when they unboxed it. When I look at the literature that came with the disc I have it says it's version 3.0.1 I tried reinstalling the latest version from Geniatech which is 3.6.9 (7513). I choose Geniatech from the device manufacturer list as Elgato is not listed. Then I select Eyetv 250 plus and on the next screen I enter my name and company and then I've tried typing the serial number in with dashes, without dashes, with dashes and spaces on either side of the dashes as it kinda looks like that on my activation key card. Nothing works. Can't get past that this point I'm stuck and don't know what else to do
  4. Pretty sure the disc I have says EyeTV 3 on it and it looks like it came with the 250 plus but I don't think I have a way to know for sure. I'll reach out to the seller and see if they know anything. When I get home from work i'll double check the disc that came with it but I'm 99% sure it said EyeTV 3 on it. I was able to install the disc I had but then when I went to open it I got a message saying that it couldn't be run on my OS (El Capitan) as I had a similar message from my old copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 after I upgraded to El Capitan last year. As far as I understand it I have to use the latest version of EyeTV available from Geniatech if I'm running El Capitan. Is that true? If there is a version somewhere I can download to use with my original activation key? Thanks for your help Ton!
  5. I bought a preowned EyeTV 250 plus that came complete with EyeTV 3 software and the activation key. I have El Capitan on my computer so I was unable to run the software that came with the device so I downloaded the newest versions from the Geniatech website and when I launch the program and run through the setup assistant I reach the section where I need to enter my activation key and it doesn't unlock the 'Next' key. What are my options here? I specifically was looking to get an Eyetv 250 plus WITH an activation key card to that I didn't need to shell out more money for the software. I've tried contacting Geniatech support via their page and have not heard anything back. I'd really appreciate any help/experience anyone has with this issue. Thanks!