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  1. Very comprehensive - thanks for that. I'm thinking I might wait till the kinks are ironed out, there's no actual need to upgrade right now.
  2. Timo that’s great thanks for the heads up.
  3. Hi Gilken. Might be that EyeTV didn’t like that document as it’s been removed???
  4. My other thread has an answer if you're interested?
  5. Good day sir, you are a gentleman. Thanks for replying with that useful info. I have as per the below images........
  6. I've asked Geniatech the question via their support line and also posted an additional thread here but had zero response. RUBBISH. Am now considering an alternative as if support is this bad........
  7. Hi all, am wondering three things before I purchase this software. Can anybody advise; Has anybody actually tried the EyeTV Sat DVB-S2 with EyeTV4? Can anybody post the terms of the license, how many Macs does one purchase cover? Other than compatibility with 10.15, (which I am not using), does EyeTV4 offer anything over EyeTV3? Thanks, DeeGee.
  8. Has anybody actually tried the device on EyeTV4?