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  1. Maybe there needs to be a delay after the ping or wait for an answer. when you do it line by line in terminal there is no command after it to execute. just a guess.
  2. At least 10 years here and your probably right. My gut tells me it's not a technical issue but a contract issue between them and TVGuide.
  3. Well mostly playback performance.. We (my wife and I) have 3 dual HDhomerun tuners and tend to record 4 1080p OTA shows at a time. At the same time we are recording we are usually watching 1 prerecorded show then deleting or sometimes watch from the beginning while a show has already started recording or even live if there is a spare tuner not in use. So 5 streams. And since some of these shows overlap there is up to 6 recording for 5min before and 5 min after a show starts/ends. I record to a linux server over wired ethernet running unRAID with 9TB of storage using SMB and use a cache drive to record to and at 2 am the files are moved to the protected array. Playback performance used to stutter a lot until I nailed down the right OS and since it works I just stay there. I did try newer systems but for my system OSX 10.8 seemed to work the best. I still have OSX 10.11 on another partition. Occasionally there will be a few seconds pause in playback when multiple new shows start recording or end because priority is given to the recording but we are heavy users so I can live with it. I am running a stock 2012 MacMini 2.5ghz i5 with 4gb ram.
  4. So the odd thing is that: "cd ./scripts" works on my system but "./" returns "No such file or directory" "cd ~/scripts" also works since ~ is short for home directory Of course I am running 10.8.5. I tried moving up but this OS give me the best overall performance with EyeTV.
  5. Sorry, try this: sh /path/to/file/file name or instead of typing path just type: sh(space) then drag the file to the terminal window (saves all the typing)
  6. You can run it from terminal. cd /to folder the script is in ls (will list the contents of that folder) (will run it)
  7. So did you try to make the Text Edit file "Plain Text" before changing the extension? RTF (Rich Text File) has embedded characters for formatting.
  8. The best you can do is set all your channels to ATSC and you will get a very basic schedule in the guide. You can click on a show to record same as before but you will get very little info. Along with that you can use TitanTV to see more info or schedule a recording. The best way to schedule is to click on the show with the browser on the same computer as EyeTV, click the big red button in the dialog when it pops up. The scheduled recording will download to EyeTV and show up in schedules. The remote record button, small red one with a remote icon will work from another computer but I have had unreliable results with that, dropping scheduled shows. You also need to go into EyeTV prefs > Guide and at the bottom put in Your Titan ID and PW.
  9. I found all I have to do is use the + key to move to next channel and it will populate those selected channels for 3 to 22 hours depending on the channel, no recording needed but still a PIA if you shut EyeTV down each day as I do.
  10. LaunchD Task Scheduler is an app, you just point it to the script you want to run and tell it when.
  11. I tried that once maybe twice, .... Then I switched to LaunchD which very easy and intuitive.
  12. As an alternate you can try "LaunchD", which I've been using foe a couple years.
  13. If my MacMini goes to sleep, sometimes that happens while holding a button too long on the Apple Remote, when it gets woken up the Apple Remote (actually EyeTV) is all goofed up... The volume does not work properly and scrolling thru recording will produce a clicking sound and the volume will go up and down. The only way to fix it is to restart EyeTV.
  14. Why not export them in another format. I have almost 2000 some going back 9 years. A lot of "This Old House" but many others as well. it could take awhile.
  15. I get my TV OTA as well and I have a question: I receive 55 channels at the moment from 2 markets, Providence and Boston, some are duplicate networks such as CBS boston - channel 4 and CBS providence- Channel 12 but the sub channels may not be the same. Some are unique to each market. So my question is, is it possible to set that up in schedulesdirect?