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  1. I tried doing an analogue scan (didn't expect to pick anything up as it was turned off years ago) and it picked up a radio signal at 100 MHz. It seems to be some talk radio thing so it does seem like it is working in some way. Not picking up digital TV for me isnt a big deal as I am going to use it for backing up VHS anyway.
  2. I have now tested on another PC and connected it to the TV arial used for TV's in the house. (UK) Nothing again.
  3. Is there more than one version of the Eyetv Hybrid? The one I have was bought around 2010 to 2012. In Windows 10 it installs and the driver version is 5.9.813.1 05/08/2010 The driver I downloaded manually is dated 14/07/2014 If I force the driver in (it doesnt add it otherwise) it doesnt report an issue but wants to restart the PC. If I dont restart and run the software it tries to scan but doesnt find anything (as it does with the 5.9 driver) if i do restart then the exclamation comes up in device manager. This device cannot start. (Code 10) Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API. After restarting the software cannot see the device as you would expect. I am using the indoor aerial even though I have it outside the windows for testing. It would be nice to know if the driver 5.9.813.1 05/08/2010 is the one being talked about.