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  1. Vanessa I just got my EyeTV Diversity last week. I physically set it up with an external roof antenna as per the diagram in the Quick Start Guide; in particular I used the Antenna Splitter Cable. During the software setup there was a question as to whether one or two antennae/aerials had been used. I said "one" since strictly speaking there was one, but given the use of the splitter is it effectively two? If so, can do I need to rerun the setup software using the EyeTV Setup Assistant from the menu, or from the menu can I just use EyeTV, Preferences, Devices and select Dual Tuner? Thanks Quiller P.S. In the support section a Serial Number is required to raise a Ticket. On the USB stick I have 4 alphanumeric labels. Is it one of these, and if so, which one?