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  1. Hi! Yes, HD or not, that's what common to all broken channels: they are SD. All HD channels work fine. And I'm running tvOS 13.
  2. Ok, I've found the post about the required netstream 4c firmware and having updated the device, the channel tune did work.
  3. Hi! During the last month I discovered, that some of the channels EyeTV on my Apple TV from the Eyestream 4c are broken, some channels are just fine. I've reset the netstream device and re-run the channel tune - nothing helped. Could that be a problem of my cabel provider, the software or the hardware?
  4. Ok, after resetting the Netstream 4c and restarting Eyetv, the auto-tune button is enabled. However, when trying to start the tune process I get the following error message: „EyeTV is currently recording. Please stop the recording before performing Auto-Tune.“
  5. Hi Mike, thanks for the public beta. I've installed it today on my iMac running Catalina 10.15 together with an Netstream 4c. However, I can't auto-tune the channels. The buttons starting the search are disabled and my Netstream 4c is blinking a blue led. What is this autoscan issue with the Netsream 4c?