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    eyetv t2 windows

    As default, after more than a week there is no answer from the support team. It would be better if they would say clearly that they are not interested in developing anything in Windows S.O., in mode that the buyers could be oriented to different better solutions.
  2. zamindar

    eyetv t2 windows

    I contacted it about four months ago, with any answer. I tried to send another request just after I have seen your hint.
  3. zamindar

    eyetv t2 windows

    I tried to do exactly as you wrote, deleting the driver (fig. 1), then I tried to install Total TV. During the installation appears the same notice of the previous post, decided to continue the installation. Installed the new driver without wizard (fig. 2) and tried to open unsuccessfully TerraTec Home Cinema. I tried to restore Total TV, but the same notice appears. I tried to restart the S.O. in every step with the same conclusion. In the past, I had installed it with a new S.O. installation. I hope don't have to reinstall the S.O. again to have it.
  4. zamindar

    eyetv t2 windows

    The windows that appears trying to install the software after the installation of the new drivers, asks to install the device because any hardware is installed. Install the driver and restart a new installation. If I want to continue the installation, not all the necessary parts will be installed.
  5. zamindar

    eyetv t2 windows

    Yes, I did before, but any resuolution with it. When you start to install Total TV Player, it doesn't recognize the device.
  6. zamindar

    eyetv t2 windows

    Same problem of not recognized device in Windows 10 64-bit v.1703 (build SO 15063.332).