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  1. I have the original Elgato EyeTV hybrid and sucessfully recorded from a VCR using EyeTV 3.6.9 (7517). I recorded using the "High (DVD 90 min)" recording quality that is "Video: MPEG-2 720x576, 25 fps, 6.0 Mbps VBR, I frames only" and "Audio: 48.0 kHz, 384 kbps". It is a childhood recording and now I want to export to a format "all can play" so I can share the recording with relatives and they can play it without problems. Now, I know the original quality VHS is not that great but I would like to avoid resampling (change resolution), recompressing etc. Don't make bad worse. So how do I export to something all can read? I looked at lots of the export formats but most had no option to export 720x576, that would mean resampling, right? The clip is just 15 min so size is not an issue. There are two "Native Formats (no re-encoding)" "MPEG Program Stream" and "MPEG Elementary Stream". Can I use one of them? Which one? But the elementary stream has a file ending ".mpv", seems odd to share. The program stream ends in ".mpg", is that ok to share? Will it play everywhere? Or should I take the ".mpv" or ".mpg" file and use some external application to repackage it to a different container? If the codec is ok but not the container? Sorry if this is naive questions. I have searched a lot and read numerous pages but have trouble to find the answers, at least not in a way I understand, Kent