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  1. Hi, I have a Mac book Air Catalina which I can dual boot into Windows. I also have an unused Diversity Dual Tuner.. Which combination does the team think would/should work? Thanks in anticipation Stephen
  2. Hi, I could do with some advice here. Following good reviews I for the Elgato eyetv Diversity Dual Tuner DVB-T Stick for Mac or PC so I googled it and lo and behold eBay had one for sale 'used' with just an hour or so to go. It's a sign I thought so I took the plunge and spent a whole thirty pounds of the Queens realm to secure it without scrutinising further. So okay, I have since found this site and the tales of woe so I have a couple questions you may help me with before I add insult to injury specifically this EyeTV3/4 compatibility thing. The package comes with CD-ROM instructions. My Mac doesn't have a CD drive but I thought never mind I will transfer it using my desktop and a USB stick or some other workaround. I then found out version 3 which comes with the package, is not compatible with Catalina and I would have to purchase version 4, which I haven't really budgeted for especially if it's dead in the water anyway! So basically I am asking is it worth my while persevering and spending the extra dollars for version 4? It hasn't arrived yet and I'm sure there will probably be more questions to ask. Regards, Stephen (dictated using DNS) reason