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  1. Thomas - I never got any kind of reply (let alone a support ticket number) from submitting the support form..
  2. Hi, I purchased EyeTV T2 Hybrid in late May and have been a happy user ever since. A couple of days back the OSX app started crashing upon startup, I reinstalled earlier versions, the most current version to no avail. I have found out that the EYETV application crashes immediately if the tuner is plugged in any USB port (I also have an old tuner from Elgato times which did not have HD support - and plugging that tuner in does not cause crashing). The EYETV app works fine (can view recordings) when the tuner is not plugged in. Could my tuner have broken and that causes the crashing ? (I did fill in a support form 4-5 days ago with crash logs and all, but have not heard anything back - hence this approach) Please advise,