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  1. I have the same with a trailing -V1 An update firmware button is supposed to appear by magic when a new firmware is available.
  2. I see from the Netstream 4sat discussions that this is a know problem. I shall go back to Mojave and eyetv 3 until things are fixed.
  3. Decided to give up on eyetv4 with Netstream 4sat until things are fixed. I've installed Mojave on an external disk on my mac mini and gone back to eyetv3.
  4. I'm eyetv4 8523 with netstream4sat and getting SD on HD channels. TonyW above mentions HD is ok on eyetv4 8517. I can't see any older versions available for download, does anyone have 8517 I could get hold of? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'v just updated my mac mini to Catalina and now have Eyetv 4. All the freesat HD channels record at 720x576 whereas previously on eyetv 3 I got full HD 1080. I can't see any setting that would be relevant. Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks David Netstream 4sat