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  1. + 1 Same problem as everybody else, and subscription good through July. Using OS Sierra with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) - keeping this version as it works with SiliconDust HD Home Run. If this doesn't resolve soon, considering switching to Apple TV + HDHomeRun + Channels but open to suggestions.
  2. I submitted the following report: I just upgraded EyeTV3 to 3.6.9 (7520) and my Mac mini (Mid 2010) to mac OS High Sierra 10.13, and the up and down arrows on the remote stopped functioning and any time I select the on-screen guide, EyeTV3 crashes. Reading your support form, these failures appears to be a common problem and nothing unique to my system or configuration. ( Do you have a new EyeTV3 build in work to address these two issues, and if so, when is it expected to be released? And received the following support: The problem on your apple tv remote is because the Apple change something and we can not control it. As for your problem on crash, please try to use the EyeTV Reporter software from your support webpage to deinstall the EyeTV software. After installing the EyeTV version 3.6.9 (7520) and a clean setup of the settings , then please check your problem again: And please back up the data you need before you use the reporter tool. After the deinstall and reboot, I installed Kodi, and the up/down buttons on the remote worked fine to navigate the Kodi menu. (Per the Kodi forums, High Sierra remapped the up/down arrows on the remote to control volume, but their open source programmers were able to re-map them to the on-screen guide.) I then did a clean install of EyeTV3, but the remote up/down arrows still wouldn't work with the EyeTV menu, and selecting EPG still caused the program to crash. Using Time Machine, I downgraded to OS 10.12 Sierra, and the remote is working properly again. I hope my Mac mini doesn't die, because it appears that EyeTV3 isn't usable on a Mac mini with High Sierra and Geniatech is either unwilling or lacks the technical ability to upgrade their software to work with 10.13 High Sierra.