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  1. Thank you so much ! But when I reload the Channel list via the Web Interface of the Netstream and use the .m3u in VLC the same happens: I can´t see those channels. Shall I also reset the Netsream completly? Best Regards
  2. So since more then 5 Years I have my Netstream attached to the dish and I haven´t used it for some time. Now I can´t receive a lot of channels (19.2E Astra), f.e. RTL. I also only get the HD Channels (f.e. ARD HD) but not the SD channels. I reset, i updated firmware - no change. What can I do ? Thank you for your attention.
  3. Hi Fission, that was a fast answer, thank you very much. I´d prefer wetransfer downloadlink if it´s noch possible to dl directly from the eyetv Companyserver.
  4. I´m looking for an upgrade. AFAIK "EyeTV Netstream Sat 1.1.5 (build 423)" migtj have been the latest avaible. As I´m using this device since 2010 I would love to continue using it. Please publish a download Link! Best Regards