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  1. Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT 4 tuner

    Thanks for the firsthand info. It sounds like the new Connects have a slightly better tuner. They say it helps with channels on the edge. I've got a couple of those, so I'd like to see if it improves things.
  2. Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT 4 tuner

    rtraill, thanks for the reply. It does feel like we're getting the boot. I found that out as well with the new release and had to downgrade. Since the writing is on the wall, what's everyone's fall back? I'm trying to make the whole Tivo Roamio/Tablo/Plex/HDhomerun DVR decision now. Since the latter two use the same device, that seems like the logical step. It's too bad, I really liked what I had with EyeTV. It worked really well for a long time.
  3. Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT 4 tuner

    Has anybody in North America tried the new HDhomerun Quatro with EyeTV yet? I'm thinking of upgrading from the Connect, but I want to make sure that it works with my current setup before I do.