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  1. Well, for me all I needed was to change the "EPG" from whatever it was (either "TV Guide" or "ATSC/OpenCable") to "xmltv" and all worked just fine. Just checking - you did run "open -a EyeTV /Users/username/scripts/xmltv.xml" and it took really long time? It took for me like 2-3 minutes before EyeTV communicated with me. There is, in my case, something like 50k or so records, so it takes forever. That is why I set the updates for 4am...
  2. Phil, you need to change listing to xml. Click on the "TVGuide" for each channel and select the last (xmlsomething) option. It will pop up window with channel number selection to match channels to programming and it will work. If you have 80 channels, it takes some time. You need to do each channel individually.
  3. Thanks a LOT to Millstadt Weber procedure. Works - it revived by EyeTv. I was trying Plex and it is not really that easy to use TV replacement. I added daily updates using Automator and Calendar. Automator: Start Automator and create new Application, In the Application insert as action "Run Shell Script" and paste content of the getup.sh from one of the posts above. Save as Application in the scripts folder. You can test it if you select "results" which opens window with script output and run through top right corner run button. You can see if you get same response as when running shell script manually. Automatic updates: Follow this web page: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/schedule-automator-tasks-mac-os-x-39132.html -- except, it is really old, so replace in these instructions "iCal" with "Calendar". Rest is same. In short - you create daily Event (mine is at 4am, I run all 24/7), add Custom Alert in it, as action select Open file, Other, navigate to the Automator application you just created and it should run the Schedule update. It is not completely tested (not sure how, actually, will need to wait for few days to check guide is indeed updated), but seems reasonably likely to work.
  4. I have requested this some time ago and nothing has changed, so I'll try again... I have eyeTV 3 and iOS eyeTV. All seems to work. My eyeTV 3 is installed on one of the most powerful computers you can get and the computer does not sweat simultaneously saving 4 TV streams in HD (I have 2 x 2 channel HomeRun HD) and playing back another, previously stored, HD recording. And still has cpu and hard drive resources available for something else. It is really powerful media center beast with OSX, used exclusively for this purpose. Annoying thing is that I can - on iOS - without any issues play live streams from my eyeTV 3 and all is working very well. I can be behind in time and jump around... But once the recording is done, I am immediately locked out from playing the same recording for ~20 minutes before the ~hour of recording is "prepared". That is extremely frustrating as : 1. Preparation is not necessary, if the live stream works just fine. 2. Even if preparation would be necessary, the eyeTV computer will be ahead of me in no time. I know I may not be able to jump ahead easily - or that it may take some time before the recompression catches up - but this "preparing" is extremely annoying and frustrating. Can you enable live streaming of saved recordings so they get recompressed on fly? Just allow on fly recompression and remove the "preparing" when computer is powerful enough - chances I will need to watch the same recording second time are small so I do not need to store the recompressed recording anyway. There are now many computers which can easily handle that.