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  1. Throw me an email --> and I can send you the build 8517.
  2. Hi. Yes, I downgraded to build 8517 and now the playback on HD channels is smooth. The build has some other issues but I can live with them.
  3. I updated my "TV-set" to a 65" 4K Samsung Q70T-series. I have a Mac Mini 2014 hooked up to it via Mini Display Port --> HDMI-adapter --> HDMI 2.1 cable to the TV. I updated from Mojave to Big Sur and in the process I also had to move from EyeTV 3 to 4 (4.0.0 / build 8524). Now I get a choppy tv-feed on both of my tuners, a EyeTV 610 and a Diversity-stick. It doesn't matter if I run 1920x1080px @120Hz or 3840x2160px @60Hz (yes, the Mini 2014 is capable of doing 60 Hz) – the EyeTV live tv is always a bit choppy as if a frame or two are dropped every once and a while. Also there is a slight problem with the lip sync. I didn't have the problem with the latest version of EyeTV 3 (3.6.9 / build 7528) under Mojave. I still have a backup of my Mojave-setup and was thinking of doing a roll-back. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?