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  1. To restore DVB EPG you must go to "All channels" select all channels (Cmd A) "Right click" OR "Ctrl click" make appear a Menu select "Assign EPG channel..." in this menu change in EPG column to DVB in only one any channel This will affect all channels EPG to DVB (Right or Ctrl)Click on "Program guide and Guide" it take a time
  2. Here is the link that EyeTV3 used by automatic update:
  3. Here is the link that EyeTV use for automatic update:
  4. You can got it : - Start EyeTV 3 - Go to EyeTV Menu in "menu bar" and "Check for update" - it will download on the Desktop - you will have a window install and update - the download on the desktop is deleted when upgrade is done
  5. bloodshot, When you copy-paste from this site , you get sometime hidden hieratic characters (\ueff) try after paste to remove right characters including the final "h" and retype the "h" and "enter" if this does not work retype manually the line.
  6. I have done a workaround procedure ( witch fixes 3 problems - remove codesign on main executable because the signature of the framework AVC is not valid, this cause video stutters. - remove a flag restricting to Intel in the version 8528 (LSRequiresNativeExecution) - install the Framework FWAUserLib and binary patch of main executable (which works only with v8528 , offset different in others versions) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 install version 8528 of eyetv4 ( 2 download missing Framework in Ventura (Firewire audio, deprecated:Apple) from: 4 Extract Framework "" in your Downloads folder 5 download shell script from 6 In a "Terminal" window , type : 7 cd Downloads 8 sudo zsh ./ 9 start normaly EyeTV
  7. Hi, for "video lagging", this is not a problem of M1 code. Il y a un conflit de signature entre l'appli et le Framework CoreAVC ( Voir les messages dans la console : '/Applications/' not valid for use in process: mapped file has no cdhash, completely unsigned? Code has to be at least ad-hoc signed.), Quitter EyeTV, dans une fenêtre Terminal tapez: sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/ et relancer EyeTV
  8. Can you start in terminal window and type : /Applications/ (Key Enter) Have you a message about signature concerning framework CoreAVC ? If so, do : stop EyeTV type the command in terminal codesign --remove-signature /Applications/ and restart EyeTV
  9. 1 do the same hardware "Eye tv 500 (Firewire) running on a Late-2012 iMac i7 using Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle adapter" works fine before with EyeTV3 on older MacOS system ? 2 which version of EyeTV4 have you installed ? ( 8517 -> 8528 ) 3 Can you start in terminal window and type : /Applications/ (Key Enter) Copy the messages that appears inside terminal window and send it here.
  10. Sorry, this script works only with version 8528 of EyeTV it cuts the program file and the offset in the file is not the same with other version.
  11. The precedent script does not work well on last beta of Ventura (22A5321d) (problems with gatekeeper). I have made a new one that I join and the procedure is: 1 install version 8528 of eyetv4 ( 2 Extract Framework "" in your Downloads folder 3 In a "Terminal" window , type : 4 cd Downloads 5 sudo zsh ./ 6 start normaly EyeTV
  12. I have join the script file without the bad characters that comes from the web interface of this site. You must do : sudo zsh ./
  13. It is listed in this forum: