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  1. A surveillance camera is connected to my eyeTV Hybrid via the analogue composite input. During the day the camera delivers a color image, but at night it produces black and white. IR light illuminates the surroundings. eyeTV shows the daytime color image of the camera. As soon as it gets dark and the camera switches to black&white, eyeTV shows "No Signal". Interestingly enough, I can still record the signal even at night in black&white. But the window does not display the signal. When I try to switch to "Digital" in eyeTV and then again to "Analog" (Composite), the camera's image is displayed in the window for 2 seconds before "No Signal" appears again. Do any of you know the problem? Is there anything you can do about it? (OSX High-Sierra 10.13.2 on a MacPro 5,1)