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  1. I checked it - it is an Apple TV App setup - not available on macOS. Might be interessting, too: The live TV window is same size in SD and HD when setted to any size (Half/Normal/Double" but the content of HD looks crisper. Recordings seem to be all SD - no matter which channel selected (SD/HD). Still no answer from Geniatech - keep trying.
  2. Very intererssting fissionbomb - is this a Samsung eyeTV app you are using or did you just use Airtplay to stream to your TV - it is definitely no MacOS Desktop. Please HELP fissionbomb !!! Mike
  3. Same problem here in germany - very frustrating watching SD video on a large 86" 4k TV. Unbelievable that Geniatech is not fixing this problem since months. This software release is a joke ! Mike