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  1. Folks, I've been lurking here since the OP. I enjoyed many years of EyeTV and really didnt want to let go. I'm impressed by all the workaround knowledge here but just didnt have the appetite to jump into it. Just wanted an out of the box solution that would plug and play. Decided to try the new Tablo Quad. Yup, a complete shift in interface but it works really well for my needs. Add to that the four tuner capability and browser interface that lets me easily watch on any machine/TV/iPad in the house. Also, this should work for the foreseeable future as OSX moves to all 64 bit. I did need to upgrade my antenna and did just buy the lifetime subscription service. For the equipment and subscription I laid out about $500. Not cheap but I'm hoping to ride this set up for the next few years. My neighbor pays Comcash $180 a month, so I dont feel too bad about the cash outlay. Tablo also just released their automatic ad skipping algorithm. Will be testing that out in the next few weeks. So far, so good. Mark
  2. Same problem here, no data past Tuesday 2/5. I've been waiting to update to Mojave, glad to see that a few folks are running EyeTV in 64 bit OS. Hope this gets fixed soon.