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More control over when EyeTV's Timeline appears

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I have been using EyeTV software since April 2006 and I have been very pleased with just about everything it, that is until the Timeline was added, I think with EyeTV 3 if I remember correctly.

Although I have used Preferences/Controls to deselect "Show Timeline When Jumping", I can't stop it appearing when I pause the TV (using the spacebar or Controller).  My most frequent use of pause was to read fast changing subtitles, but now pausing bring up the Timeline covering the very part of the screen where the subtitles appear . . .grrr!  It is also the part of the screen where other important things are displayed, such as the BBC News channel's rolling headlines.

Also, I sometimes have EyeTV running in a window in the top left-hand corner of my 27" screen while I get of with something else, waiting for something of interest I am expecting on the TV.  When whatever I am expecting appears, I want to make the EyeTV the active window, so I click in it.  At the point I click the Timeline isn't showing, but if my click happens to be in the part of the screen where it can appear, my click seems to summon it and the Timeline immediately takes the broadcast to the point corresponding to my click, thereby losing the time point at which I wanted to start watching  . . .grrrrr again!

Please, Geniatech, allow users to deselect all auto appearances of the Timeline and allow us to summon it when we want it.  It could be summoned (or dismissed when already displayed) with a command such as alt-cmd-T.

Have other users been frustrated by an unwanted Timeline interfering with what they wanted to do?

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I also find the that Timeline appears at inopportune times over critical video info (often the copyright date of an old movie, for example).

I also would like to see more control of when and under what circumstances it appears.

As a workaround, I currently put the window into edit mode, forcing the scrubber and associated stuff below the picture. But of course more screen real estate is used this way (I have a 27" iMac with 27" second display, and even so, working on video and filing the Handbrake-d mp4s to NAS uses up all the real estate of both screens)

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It's now nine months since I started this topic and EyeTV 3's Timeline still interferes with what I'm trying to do in both the ways I outlined then.

In all that time, only one fellow user (thanks, fornadan!) has posted to agree with me that we need more control over when the Timeline appears.  I find it hard to believe that other users don't have the same issues.  After all, none have come forward to post that they disagree, never find the timeline pops up inconveniently.

Maybe there's another forum thread that covers this topic, one I have failed to find.  Perhaps other users with the same issue (and those that find no problem with the Timeline's non-configurable appearance) simply have not noticed this thread.  (No reply has come from a Geniatech-based moderator either.) 

(I am still a big fan of EyeTV in other ways and look forward to a Diversity version of the tuner upgraded to receive DVB-T2 becoming available.)

Come on EyeTV users, please say how you find the automatic and non-configurable appearance of the Timeline!

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