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Netstream 4sat power consumption

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Has anyone measured the power consumption of this device? According to Geniatech support, there are no specs for it and no values can be provided - which is nonsense. Of course, they could measure peak consumption and idle consumption, i.e. provide some of of range of power consumption.

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Meanwhile I got a refurbished NetStream4Sat and hooked an Edimax SP-2101W between the Netstream4Sat and the socket. The Edimax plug can measure power consumption.

It claims a consumption of 14.9W, when 4 different clients are connected (one each receiving Das Erste HD, 3sat HD, arte HD and RTL from Central European Astra satellite that is).

With three or two connections, consumption does not change noticeable.

With only one connection (3sat HD) left, consumption goes down slightly to 14.6W.

Without a connection, consumption goes down to 6.4W.


These values do not claim to reflect the whole truth: It can well be, that the consumption varies, when different channels are selected (polarisation, Hi/Lo). Maybe I should have waited longer after the closure of a connection to get different values. (Although I would insist that closure of connection four and three did not affect consumption. Only after closure of connection two, a slightly different value was measured) It can be that the Edimax SP-2101W does not measure exactly. But as a hint for the consumptions, it should be fair enough.


I hope this helps...

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