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  1. Just kidding and no expectation that this would be realistic. But as we are in the days of the introduction of Apple's iSilicon to the end user market, one could think that a mature product like EyeTV might have a schedule for this... 😉 Probably some user (or even an official person from Geniatech) could indicate, his or her experience whether the current version of EyeTV4.0 runs on the M1 under Big Sur in Rosetta2.0 and to what extent? Thanks in advance!
  2. Welches Entwicklerteam? Da gibts doch keines mehr, oder weiß da jemand was Gegenteiliges? Nachdem die Notwendigkeit und Forderung für eine 64-bit Version von EyeTV hier seit mind. 2 Jahren wiederholt wird und Geniatech keinerlei Auskunft zum Thema gibt, haben hier alle langsam den Glauben verloren, dass da noch was kommt. Wenngleich einige noch empfänglich für eine positive Überraschung wären. Nur so mein Gefühl. Mir hat EyeTV seit über 10 Jahren gute Dienste geleistet und bis auf ein paar Kleinigkeiten ist es für mich immer noch die TV-Software der Wahl und ich bin nach wie vor Anhänger des linearen TVs. Entweder ist Geniatech dieses Klientel wurscht oder sie schätzen lineares TV als Relikt der Vergangenheit ein. Warum sie dann allerdings von Elgato gekauft haben, erörtern sie leider nicht hier. Ich würde es gerne verstehen, selbst wenn sich dadurch am befürchteten Ende von EyeTV nichts ändern wird.
  3. Mojave will still allow to run 32 bit apps, but it will be the last version of MacOSX with 32 bit support. Nevertheless, Geniatech does not give me confidence that they will deliver on time, even if it still is some time left... Not commenting in this, ?their? forum is one part of the sad truth about the commitment of Geniatech.
  4. Dear Geniatech, I'm not too confident that you will read this or even care about this, but nevertheless, I'd like to contribute my part so that you could improve things. When I start my Mac (Macbook Air, 10.13.4, but happens also with previous macOS versions), a software named PeakHour claims that it can not start properly, because some app occupies the TCP port it wanted to use. PeakHour suggests, that it could be EyeTV and it is: PeakHour wants to use the port that is used by EyeTV, when in the EyeTV settings --> sharing --> Access to my film archive in the local network is checked. (In German, it says "Mein Filmarchiv im lokalen Netzwerk freigeben"; my English translation is just a guess what it could be in English). When I start EyeTV and uncheck this setting, PeakHour indeed can use the port. But sadly after restarting the Mac, the setting in EyeTV is switched on again. Therefore my observation: EyeTV does not keep the setting after rebooting. Please fix this and also please generate a 64-bit app. Otherwise this will be the end of EyeTV, a former great software, which more and more seems to be abandonware, just like this forum. BTW: Why did you open up this forum, when you never had the intention to take part in this forum?!? Why did you buy EyeTV, when you never had the intention to rev up your commitment for this tool?!? I hope the developers in Germany did or will find better employment.
  5. Thanks for the hint with CorePlayer. This is really an astonishing piece of software. Seems far more performant than MPlayer, MPlayer Extended and VLC. The trailer mentioned by you earlier even plays smoothly on a MDD G4 @ 867MHz. Only QuickTime Player seems to come close. Give this one a try as well!
  6. What you want would be some sort of a transcoder, that is able to receive the source material (DVB-T2 HD receiver), decodes the 1080p25 H.265 material (not possible by means of software decoding only, so you need some sort of hardware acceleration here), scales it to 720p, re-encodes it to MPEG-2 (with the help of hardware support, the last two mentioned steps are not too much of a demand for todays machines) and then sends it over the network to your destination machine. This is quite an impressing workflow, even more if it shall be done "without everyday care." If you find a tool (be it hardware or software or a combination thereof), that covers all of these demands, please let us know about the setup.
  7. With exact the same video snippet and a 1.42GHz G4 CPU running 10.5.8, I get massive dropped frames (can be seen in Statistics window in Mplayer). Especially during the explosion part in the video, the CPU can not cope with the load. Audio gets out of sync with the video, which is as well indicated in the statistics. In this 30s snippet, the A/V offset increases to more than 5s on the machine (Mac Mini PPC 1.42 GHz). On a MDD dual-CPU machine, clocked at 867MHz, with Mac OSX 10.4.11, it gets even worse: The A/V delay increases to more than 8s. If you do not encounter this sort of performance shortages on your G4 machine: Congratulations! You have a well-tuned machine.
  8. Meanwhile I got a refurbished NetStream4Sat and hooked an Edimax SP-2101W between the Netstream4Sat and the socket. The Edimax plug can measure power consumption. It claims a consumption of 14.9W, when 4 different clients are connected (one each receiving Das Erste HD, 3sat HD, arte HD and RTL from Central European Astra satellite that is). With three or two connections, consumption does not change noticeable. With only one connection (3sat HD) left, consumption goes down slightly to 14.6W. Without a connection, consumption goes down to 6.4W. These values do not claim to reflect the whole truth: It can well be, that the consumption varies, when different channels are selected (polarisation, Hi/Lo). Maybe I should have waited longer after the closure of a connection to get different values. (Although I would insist that closure of connection four and three did not affect consumption. Only after closure of connection two, a slightly different value was measured) It can be that the Edimax SP-2101W does not measure exactly. But as a hint for the consumptions, it should be fair enough. I hope this helps...
  9. German DVB-T2 HD is H.265-encoded. This is pretty demanding CPU-wise. Forget about it on a more than 10 year old PPC. No way this will work! DVB-S2: My experience is that with an Intel Core 2 duo 2.0 GHz, this was just working. With a 1.42 GHz single core G4 CPU, it will not work. Don't know anything about DVB-C, but I do not think that a G4 CPU can do H.264 in 720p at all, no matter what the means of reception is. Maybe you can decode an H.264 stream in 720p resolution on a PPC, but not in realtime. If your experience is a different one: Please tell us what software (Mplayer or MplayerX) in what version you are using. What OS, what file did you decode?
  10. Can't be true that Geniatech is not willing to share this data.
  11. Thanks for the link! I did indeed not read the EyeTV threads as I am fairly happy with current version 3. Is this a sample run model and you are part of the field test or is the device final and already certified by European authorities? Does it get warm or even hot? I would use it unattended under the rooftop and need to have enough confidence in such a device. In case of a disaster, sueing a Shenzhen-based company would be somewhat more difficult than driving down to ElGato in Munich...
  12. BTW: I found the product listed on for 200€. It was introduced 3rd of March to amazon, but it still listed as not yet released. A marketplace dealer lists it for 250€ and claims it could be delivered within a couple of days.
  13. Sorry if I missed something, but where did you get it from? Your voice probably sounds Dutch, the label on the package indicates that Deutsche Post/DHL was involved in delivery, but I can not read the label, where it originated from... :-) I'd like to try it as well, so please tell if this is a beta delivery or if the product can be regularly ordered and delivered (and Geniatech once again fails to indicate availability on their webpage). Thanks in advance! Best wishes, Schorschinjo