Bugfix for "Close after 30 minutes" issue?

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Is there any resources spent for the "TV window closes after 30 minutes" issue? 

- There are many reports of the issue

- It is apparently at least partially an app issue as

a.) app restart fixes that the tuner vanishes from the device list, i.e. the tuner is available and responding

b.) it usually happens 30 minutes after the app opens a TV window

In the current state the EyeTv + Netstream 4C  combo is simply unusable.


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Hi everybody. It´s almost one year after tom_e postet the "30 minutes"problem - and there ist still no answer ? No fix - no nothing. That´s a lot of nothing for about 180 EUROs. Please GENIATECH, solve this problem and post an answer how to fix it. Thanks

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