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  1. Great tip!!! Strange, just looked at my EyeTV 4 version that I downloaded last August 26 in anticipation of going from EyeTV 3 to EyeTV 4 (and upgrading from Mojave to Catalina--not yet Ventura): https://file.geniatech.com/eyetv4/EyeTV4.0.0_8528.dmg I think this link was posted somewhere on this forum.
  2. Hmm, lots of "newbie" users downloading file from external sites and saying it works for them. I don't trust this.
  3. You have to buy EyeTV 4 (64-bit) which is a major upgrade from EyeTV 3 (34-bit) and use a new activation key.
  4. I hope so as well. It would be nice if Geniatech will stick around to update their only money making product right now: EyeTV. But having limited the product's usefulness by neglecting the EPG service is a horrendous way to run a business. Confession: I recently bought EyeTV 4 64-bit so I can upgrade my iMac to Catalina (macOS 10.15). Would be nice for Geniatech to commit to supporting their software.
  5. Oy, should be throw, throw, throw!!!
  6. Best thing about Geniatech right now is this forum. I assume they have to pay the vendor (Invision Community) for this service. I wonder when time will run out on that subscription???
  7. Hi all, I decided to through caution to the wind and purchase EyeTV 4. Geniatech's automated system promptly took my money (via PayPal) and sent my activation key and download link. But that download is an older version of V. 4. Somewhere on this forum someone posted a link to EyeTV4.0.0_8528.dmg, so I already had that version on my computer. I was surprised as to how different V. 4 looks in comparison to V. 3. Very modern looking. Still getting used to the placement of things. One thing that is broken for me (in USA) is closed captions. All I see are black bars where the captioning should be. Why give Geniatech my business? Well I DID get a full refund for the EPG Premium service, and I would like to move on from macOS 10.14.x (Mojave) to be able to play World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. I will probably upgrade to Catalina or Big Sur. Anyone want to comment?
  8. Hi. This is a post from a forum post from someone in Germany (Google Translate). Perhaps use this info to get at least a partial refund? I searched forum for "anteilig" which is prorated in German. "...we are sorry to inform you that there are technical problems with the server and we apologize for the inconvenience. We can offer you an extension of the term according to the duration of the problem or a partial refund of the invoice amount. Please let us know what you have chosen. Thanks & Greetings from Aachen /Gruß aus Aachen/DE Sabine Schroer/GTE Follow us at Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/eyetv4europe/> Geniatech Direct Sales Team. Geniatech Europe GmbH (EMEA HQ) Kaiserstrasse 100 (TPH 1) 52134 Herzogenrath Phone: 0049-2407-55290-80 Fax: 0049-2407-55290-89
  9. If you are within 180 days of purchase and request a refund via PayPal you will get it full refund. Outside of that period, Geniatech is extending the subscription. Though I did read elsewhere on the forum that people have gotten a prorated amount back on the subscription price, so perhaps keep emailing Geniatech?
  10. Keep emailing support on every Geniatech email you can find. Get a refund for EPG subscription. I see that some people on forums have received a prorated amount back. I received 100% refund because it was within 180 days of PayPal purchase. If you are talking about the TitanTV remote scheduling, yes that has been broken (for me at least). EyeTV does not recognize my account user name and password so cannot connect.
  11. My sympathies, All subscribers to EPG services from Geniatech have had this problem since early August (Geniatech has said it is a server problem, but we think they are abandoning the EyeTV software and EPG subscription services). If you wish, you should see about getting a refund of your subscription. Keep trying support, try different emails to the company Geniatech. If you are in North America, try the XMLTV listings service. Others in Europe have had some access to other EPG services, check the forum posts. Also, try posting in your native language first and then English below. Good luck!
  12. I misremembered Geniatech's ineptitude. You are right! That was the year that the service went down during Chinese New Year holidays.
  13. The "partnership" with TitanTV I am talking about (partners.titantv.com or titantv.com) is supposed to provide remote scheduling from the TitanTV website to EyeTV. Remote scheduling stopped working for me in early August, about the same time Premium EPG Service (TV Guide) stopped downloading data. EyeTV 3.6.9 build 7530 was released LAST YEAR to fix the EPG outage lasting from Premium EPG Service. I am actually responding to people having an ongoing problem with EPG download and I said that I began to use the XMLTV subscription which has been fairly in its setup and Apple Script download using the guide at XMLTV.com help page.
  14. EyeTV 4 seems to still be for sale on Geniatech EU: https://www.geniatech.eu/product/eyetv-4/
  15. I agree with you, alanK. However they contract for the EPG data or socket/pipeline, they cannot/will not pay the supplier. All the last EPG outages have been during the same months: July and August. Perhaps due to fiscal year? I believe that EyeTV is abandonware at this point, though I hope not. Please prove me wrong, Geniatech.