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  1. Find EULA in EyeTV menu: Help -> "Software-License terms"
  2. No 64 bit EyeTV for Catalina on the horizon. We have come to believe that the MacOS side has been abandoned. Issues with incomplete recordings, scheduled recording that do not stop are still problems. We don't think Geneitech developers are actually working on the EyeTV software for macOS.
  3. Feels like abandonware on the MacOS. I will keep running EyeTV, though. Will not upgrade to Catalina until I absolutely must. That would be if Blizzard, makers of "World of Warcraft" requires it. My gaming iMac is also my TV iMac.
  4. NO bug fix. Issue still occurs occasionally for me.
  5. TBinNM


    Do you have DVR software such as EyeTV? If so, create a schedule: in EyeTV Programs window-> Schedules -> New. Set your parameters.
  6. Thanks Darko, your suggestion worked! Mail.com received the verification email and I am finally logged into this forum (for what it is worth, sigh).
  7. Hello: I wish Geniatech would let EyeTV customers know what is really going on with the TV Guide EPG service.