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  1. I am not surprised there is no reply to your issue. I have the same set up as you and had contacted support last year about no EyeTV play over internet with iOS. No response then either. Perhaps there will be a new app for EyeTV 4.
  2. Yes and hurrah! Though: In Program Guide window, if you click on tiny "powered by EyeTV" at the bottom, the link goes to TVGuide website. Just an oversight? How do you know that TVGuide service is not being contracted by Genitech? Contact support and get an extension to your subscription.
  3. I've been periodically in touch with "Angela" for months. I had been using a beta from her that I got in early June (7527) that allowed EyeTV to load the EPG info from their EyeTVEPGPremium service after some renaming of channels. Because my subscription was ending July 15, I emailed again last week to ask about the promised 4 month subscription extension offered back in February when the issue with the old service occurred. Angela gave me a 6 month extension and a download link to the EyeTV 7528 version. After a rescan for channels again as per her instructions, the Program Guide repopulated with no channel name issues (hurrah). So far all is okay. I use EyeTV on an iMac I use for entertainment purposes: TV, video services, and gaming, so holding out on a macOS upgrade and waiting for a 64-bit version of EyeTV it doable. There is probably just one person at Geniatech working on the Mac client EyeTV software anyway. ***Try to contact customer support (Angela) and get an extension to the subscription and a current beta.***
  4. Responding to myself! I wrote "Angela" asking about my original support ticket from February about EPG not updating. I have been checking in with "her" about the EPG issue about once a month since then. I have not gone the route of using other EPG sources due to laziness. I asked about the EyeTV beta and was sent a link with set up instructions. Seems to work fine! Took a little time to set up channel names so thank goodness I only do over-air TV and have less than 30 channels that I care about. And I think I have solved my "incomplete recordings, scheduled recording that do not stop" problems by having EyeTV check the TitanTV Remote scheduling every hour. I think the recording not stopping issue was due to a sleep issue in my iMac 5K 2017 (even though it is set to not sleep). So far after several days the recordings are the time frames they should have. Other software I run, SuperDuper!, was having issues for a while in late 2018 I think due to same iMac in a sleep state when the software tried to run even though the settings I had/have are for the iMac to never sleep. "Angela" thanked me for my help. Not sure what help I am providing.
  5. Find EULA in EyeTV menu: Help -> "Software-License terms"
  6. No 64 bit EyeTV for Catalina on the horizon. We have come to believe that the MacOS side has been abandoned. Issues with incomplete recordings, scheduled recording that do not stop are still problems. We don't think Geneitech developers are actually working on the EyeTV software for macOS.
  7. Feels like abandonware on the MacOS. I will keep running EyeTV, though. Will not upgrade to Catalina until I absolutely must. That would be if Blizzard, makers of "World of Warcraft" requires it. My gaming iMac is also my TV iMac.
  8. NO bug fix. Issue still occurs occasionally for me.
  9. TBinNM


    Do you have DVR software such as EyeTV? If so, create a schedule: in EyeTV Programs window-> Schedules -> New. Set your parameters.
  10. Thanks Darko, your suggestion worked! Mail.com received the verification email and I am finally logged into this forum (for what it is worth, sigh).
  11. Hello: I wish Geniatech would let EyeTV customers know what is really going on with the TV Guide EPG service.