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Can you manually add channels on this device?

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We are thinking of buying an EyeTV Netstream 4sat after 6 years of happily using an old EyeTV FreeSat.

But because we are in the Republic of Ireland, where the state free channels are on Eutelsat Ka Sat 9A, we have to add these channels from a second satellite dish manually to the existing Eurobird 9°E channel list.

Could anyone who uses EyeTV Netstream 4sat confirm: does manual adding channels actually work?

It recently stopped working on our old EyeTV. The process still exists (Add channel manually then complete form with frequency, polarisation, FEC, DVB etc.), but nothing is actually added to the channel list. We know it is not the hardware, as the Eutelsat Ka channels show up just fine via a Xoro box. It is definitely a software issue. We are running OSX 10.14 Mojave on the iMac that the old Eye TV is connected to.

If we don't hear back from someone able to do this, then sadly, we'll be finally giving up EyeTV for a boring old Samsung SmartTV instead...! Have tried emailing Geniatech, but no response received (which probably tells me the Samsung is a better bet these days anyway...)


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