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WTAF Geniatech!!??

I once considered my EyeTV Diversity as one of the greatest electronics purchases I'd ever made. That was with the original creators El Gato, but since Geniatech took ownership they've completed ruined the experience.

I was fine using it with the old version until my old MacBook Pro died and I replaced it and had to reinstall the software. The problems began when I had to pay again for a service I'd never had to pay for in the decade since I bought it. Then when I upgraded my OS to Catalina, I had to upgrade the version of EyeTV3 to the absolutely rubbish version that Geniatech has created. They got rid of the floating control icon, and replaced it with nothing but a pair of buttons at the bottom. Next problem, the once smooth fast forwarding and rewinding that I'd enjoyed to rapidly move back and forward through movies and programmes had become almost useless; unable to move in small increments and lurching forward in unpredictable leaps. Finally the last injustice, the most recent upgrade has removed controls for fast forwarding and rewinding completely. What idiot thought that would be a good idea?  Go back and recreate EyeTV3 with the floating controller and FIX THIS RUBBISH UPGRADE!! If you think I'm paying more money for a product that has been destroyed by your greed and incompetence, you're kidding yourselves.

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