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Eye-TV-4 'Big Sur' No pay channels

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I've been using EyeTV for over a decades. On all my computers that I had in those days. I think from Eyte TV version 1. From my first version G4 LCD iMac (hemisphere house). I think version 1 to 3 is a fantastic product. Bought several times new licenses  EyeTV.

Unfortunately, I have to go all the way with the sad experience that version 4.0 is a total disaster.
I have an EyeTV satellite version. All channels I want to see are behind a pay slot from Canal Digital (I live in the Netherlands). I pay and have a subscription for Canal Digital. But all pay channels are not found! The software also has no menu where I can go to my payment card (CI card).
With a lot of art and flying work from me with loading my old channel list now find most channels. But I can no longer update the channel list. So how long this trick 'll work ? 
The possibility to add 1 channel if you know the satellite frequency. has completely disappeared. Another disaster.

In short, there is still a lot of work to be done for the software developers.
Unfortunately my iMac runs on Mac OS 11.1 so I have to run Eye-TV 4 otherwise I would have gone straight back to version 3

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How repair (Dutch) pay channels on EyeTV4 . Cost my lots of hours ! I found this is the workflow works for my.
You need:
• Old computer (my iMac from 10 years old) with EyeTV version 3 
• Your activation key number EyeTV version 4 
• 'EyeTV Reporter'  software (That's not 'EyeTV' software ! But special backup software)

I put my EyeTV310 satellite receiver on my old Mac with EyeTV-3. Plus I connect my satellite dish (I have 3 LNB for 19.2º ; 23.5º and 28.2º ) 
Load all channels in. Check if they are all fine. Now make a back-up with 'EyeTV Reporter' software . Transport the back-up to your recent iMac with EyeTV-4.
Quit 'EyeTV-4' software, start 'EyeTV Reporter' software and load in the back-up.
Start 'EyeTV-4' software, again fill in your activation key number. Do not let the intro script search to new channels. 
Now you should see al the normal (Dutch) pay TV again. 

Terrible that this workflow is needed after switch from EyeTV 3 to 4. Version 4 is a big downgrade not an update version. Only need to install version 4 is that it works on 'Big Sur' MacOS 11

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